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Reddit Ads Takes Optimization to the Next Level

By July 20, 2020August 18th, 2022News & Updates 3 Min Read

The Kochava partner enhances integration with real-time postback support.

Reddit is home to 430 million monthly active users who are part of more than 130,000 communities, highly engaged in a wide variety of topics and interests. With more than 70% of Reddit users active on their mobile app, Reddit Ads offers mobile advertisers a platform to reach qualified audiences based on specific interests and passions.

A longstanding partner of Kochava, Reddit has now added support for highly secure app install and event postbacks, which enables real-time feedback on campaign conversions, for deeper insights and increased performance.

“We’re excited to roll-out this update with Kochava—it’s an important part of our evolving commitment to meet the needs of our advertisers. These improvements will provide immediate, deep insights and streamlined management of performance campaigns for our clients,” said Katie Gold, Product Marketing Manager at Reddit.

The postbacks to Reddit will combine campaign and post-install performance data in one consolidated view within the Reddit Ads dashboard. This will help advertisers save valuable time in understanding the impact and longer term customer lifetime value driven by their Reddit campaigns.

Advertisers can create and manage their Reddit Ads postbacks within the Partner Configuration dashboard of the Kochava interface. Those already running campaigns can coordinate with their Reddit Ads representative to add the postbacks for installs and any other events they track through Kochava. See here for more information and support documentation.

For those setting up a Reddit Ads campaign for the first time, the necessary tracking links and postbacks can be set up in minutes. See here for more information.

About Reddit Ads

Reddit is a network of more than 130,000 passionate communities and home to a highly-engaged, mobile-first audience. Through Reddit Ads, brands looking to diversify their channel mix can reach over 430 million monthly users that can’t be found on other platforms.