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Seeing Changes in Your Google Ads App Campaign Performance on iOS? Here’s Why.

By August 6, 2019August 18th, 2022News & Updates 2 Min Read

Have you noticed a recent change in the performance of your Google Ads App campaigns for iOS? If you are seeing a greater conversion gap between your Google Ads dashboard and Kochava reporting, there’s a reason for that. 

In a recent announcement, Google unveiled a change to bring their Search ads to more mobile web browsers on iOS devices. Traditionally, Google only served its Search ads to iOS users who are logged in or leveraging the Google Search App—which enabled Google to report downstream conversions. These conversions were also shared with App Attribution Partners (AAPs) like Kochava—which allowed for attribution of iOS Search performance alongside all other media. 

The new change will roll out over the next six weeks. For app campaigns, install conversions from Search ad inventory are available in Google Ads’ front end reporting. However, search iOS conversions on Google Ads App Campaigns will no longer be reported to any AAP. Kochava is a certified Google AAP and will continue to receive Google Ads conversion data for all other Google campaign types. This change does not affect conversion reporting for Google’s Search ads on Android devices. 

Unless you have already opted out, your Google Ads account will be opted in to this new change by default. To learn more about this update, please read Google’s announcement or contact your Google Ads representative.