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TikTok and Kochava Partner to Maximize Advertiser Success with SKAdNetwork

By February 10, 2022August 18th, 2022News & Updates 5 Min Read

TikTok teamed up with Kochava, ​​the leading real-time data solutions company for omni-channel attribution and measurement, a TikTok Measurement Marketing partner, to better support advertisers that are running on Apple’s SKAdNetwork. This is good news for brands, businesses, and agencies that advertise on TikTok For Business now or in the future. In support of this, Kochava released, Maximizing Your Success on SKAdNetwork, a white paper detailing exactly how it will offer campaign data enrichment for TikTok advertisers.

Kochava is a leading omni-channel attribution platform and plays a vital role in helping advertisers maximize performance insights within the SKAdNetwork framework. By partnering with Kochava, TikTok can honor its strong commitment to protecting the privacy of its users while also playing an active role in creating sustainable advertising solutions for the future.

What’s SKAdNetwork and why it matters

Ever since the release of iOS 14.5, one of Apple’s most impactful iOS updates to date, the mobile advertising industry has been navigating the new frameworks for attribution and measurement. First, Apple introduced the AppTrackingTransparency framework, which required apps to get user consent in order to access the identifier for advertisers and perform ad targeting and measurement. Apple introduced its SKAdNetwork framework as a way to share conversion data with advertisers without revealing data at the user or device level.

These privacy-conscious restrictions have caused a major shift in the way that advertisers measure app-to-app install campaigns on iOS. Likewise, it has led platforms like TikTok, that support advertisers to make massive efforts, to quickly adapt to the changes. So in order to position itself as a leader of these efforts, TikTok became an early member of Kochava’s SKAdNetwork Partner Certification Program. This partnership will greatly enhance ad targeting and measurement and will boost advertisers’ success on TikTok.

How the Kochava + TikTok partnership helps advertisers

TikTok sends all SKAdNetwork install-validation postbacks to Kochava and also supports Kochava’s conversion value models. Advertisers can configure the models to align with the key performance indicators that they deem most valuable to them. For example, Kochava offers conversion value models for Revenue, Highest Value Event, Engagement, User Journey and supports custom models.

Alongside its partnership with Kochava, TikTok’s product team created the Dedicated Campaign feature within TikTok Ads Manager, which exclusively targets iOS 14+ users and was designed to seamlessly integrate data with SKAdNetwork. Advertisers interested in analyzing the success of their ads and ultimately driving more sales to their business can launch a Dedicated Campaign and then work with consultants at TikTok and Kochava to better understand SKAdNetwork reporting.

One key finding shared in the white paper is a comparison amongst the top eight SKAdNetwork Certified Partners by volume of total attributions, measured by Kochava across global advertisers integrated with their solution. When Kochava analyzed apps running the Revenue conversion model, TikTok scored particularly well and it helps reiterate the sound performance many of our advertisers are experiencing with our iOS dedicated campaigns. 

Kochava’s white paper offers further insight into topics like:

  • Choosing the best SKAdNetwork integration configuration with the help of Kochava’s in-house team of experts, Kochava Foundry
  • Frequently asked questions about SKAdNetwork
  • Tips for using Kochava to set up your TikTok advertiser account for success

To learn more, check out the full white paper from Kochava, here.

*Originally published on TikTok.