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About View-Through Attribution

View-Through Attribution (VTA) relies upon tracking ad impressions in addition to clicks. Impression tracking gives marketers visibility into when and where ads are being served as well as the click-through rate (CTR) of given ad units.

VTA takes impression tracking to the next level by attributing installs to specific impressions. Impressions are lower on the waterfall than clicks, so if there is a matching click, it will take precedence. However, for an average of 15% of installs which would otherwise go unattributed, there is a matching impression. For campaigns where VTA is enabled, marketers see a lift in attributed installs ranging from 5% to 30%. Additionally, marketers gain visibility into brand lift based on impression-influencers. For all installs, Kochava reports and visualizes every other engagement by the user prior to install.

For Example…

If a user saw three impressions, clicked on the third and then installed the app, the install would be attributed to the click. Each of the three impressions would be considered influencers of that install. The chart below shows how influencers are determined in a more complex situation.

Influencer chart with View-Through Attribution

The Takeaway

VTA gives marketers visibility into which impressions are driving installs, whether attributed or not. More than 230 Kochava-certified network integrations currently support VTA with more being added all the time.

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