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Uniting User Level Ad Revenue & Attribution—Kochava + ironSource

By June 18, 2020August 18th, 2022Measurement & Attribution, News & Updates 3 Min Read

Marketers have new ways to harness ad revenue insights at the user level.

In 2020, ad revenue has continued to grow as a mainstay monetization strategy for app publishers. To further empower our clients who rely on this form of monetization, Kochava is excited to announce the enhancement of its ad revenue tracking integration with ironSource, a leading monetization platform reaching over 5 billion monthly active users (MAU). 

ironSource’s robust API makes device-level ad revenue data available, enabling app marketers to go beyond aggregated vanity metrics and drill down to user-level ad revenue and lifetime value (LTV). When this data is united with Kochava attribution intelligence for both user acquisition and reengagement, marketers have the insights they need to optimize their campaigns toward acquiring and engaging the highest LTV customers. The end result is the ability to greatly improve average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU). 

“As pioneers in the field of ad revenue management, we’re excited to enable our mutual customers to capitalize on the integration of our impression-level ad revenue data with Kochava’s attribution data,” said Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth, ironSource. “Connecting these two solutions unlocks new capabilities, such as full LTV prediction and accurate ROAS optimization, across all channels together with additional actionable product insights. Only with such granular insights, can growth teams work together to build their cohort analyses with the accuracy necessary for long-term revenue optimization.”

Accuracy in ad revenue data is paramount. Through Kochava reporting and Query, marketers can access near real-time ironSource ad revenue, along with restated ad revenue at Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. This provides a complete ad revenue feedback loop that accounts for down-funnel click-through and conversion outcomes at the user level. 

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Learn more about Kochava ad revenue tracking and Total LTV. 

About ironSource

Working with the world’s largest mobile game companies, ironSource is developing the industry’s leading growth engine for games. With a robust mobile ad mediation platform, mobile ad network, and user acquisition platform, ironSource closes the monetization and marketing loop to empower game developers to turn their games into successful businesses. Founded in 2010, ironSource is a global company, with a local presence in Tel Aviv, London, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen, Bangalore, Seoul and Tokyo. Read more at