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Attribution & analytics are great, but the ability to syndicate your data to partners in real time is critical to your success. This syndication of your data is typically handled by a postback to the network partner.

A postback is an HTTP “post” to a specific endpoint, to deliver a payload of data. (For example: Historically, postbacks are used to notify a publisher of an app install.

We recently rolled out a significant update to our postback engine for all Kochava-certified and custom postbacks. This update provides unprecedented flexibility, power, and accountability for your postbacks.

Here are a few of the killer new features:

Monitor delivery statistics including average response time and success rate
Keep track of your postback success rate, by partner, and tune your campaigns appropriately.


Define the number of times to retry failed postbacks
We are committed to solving problems and improving transparency in the industry. When partner systems fail to properly accept postbacks Kochava can automatically retry delivery up to 10 times.


Instrument a delay in postback delivery to thwart incentivized traffic that may be mixed in with non-incentivized traffic
Implement an artificial delay in postback delivery to ensure that unauthorized incentivized installs will not receive real-time notification. For example, if your app is included in a special offer along with other apps, the app with the best install stats based on real-time feedback from users installing your app, rises to the top getting even more incentivized installs. By delaying install postbacks to the network, your app *appears* to be converting poorly based on the special offer, and will be deprioritized against other apps, resulting in fewer incentivized installs. Of course, if incentivized traffic is what you’re after, real-time is definitely the way to go.

Delivery Delay
Set up any kind of postback from a single UI (installs, in-app events,etc.)
The new UI unifies postback setup so that you can manage Kochava-certified and custom install and event postbacks

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