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Keep the Kochava SDK up-to-date in your app to ensure full access to new features and
leverage integrations with 1200+ networks!



Turn physical events into measurable conversions. Track user engagement with physical locations. Leverage user behavior to trigger engagement activities. Manage all your iBeacons in the Kochava dashboard. The Kochava SDK makes it easy to integrate and turn your app into a location-aware powerhouse.  Learn more about iBeacons

Onboarding Links
Create custom launch experiences from your attribution meta-data. Reduce user friction and ensure that customers have a first-launch experience that is contextual to their onboarding flow.   Learn more about Onboarding Links


Kochava brings rock-solid attribution and the power of hundreds of network integrations into a single lightweight SDK. Whether your app is built on iOS, Android, Windows, Adobe AIR, or Unity, Kochava has you covered.

Download the latest SDK here and update within minutes
(CocoaPod support now available)