Fingerprint Equalizer

Not all traffic sources are created equal. They have different tech capabilities and audience targeting capabilities. Savvy advertisers take advantage of all available media sources. In the attribution world, waterfall prioritization of the winning click is based on both recency and match integrity. This makes sense in the ecosystem and works to reward publishers which are able to pass device ID on the click so that there is no doubt of the integrity of the match.

But what about traffic that performs well but does not include device ID, like mobile web traffic? Historically these publishers’ clicks will always lose out to clicks with a device ID. This may result in lower-than-expected conversion rates and deprioritization of your campaigns.

Fingerprint Equalizer allows you to define a timeframe (configurable from 1 minute to 30 days) during which fingerprint matches are given the same priority as device-based matches, leveling the playing field for a given time. This fingerprint attribution method allows mobile web or other fingerprint-based traffic to prove its worth without losing by default based on lack of a device ID.