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Firebase Dynamic Links Alternative

Google has shut down use of Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) for new projects. Need help finding an alternative linking solution?

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Firebase Dynamic Links Is Deprecated for New Projects.
Full Deprecation Is Coming August 25, 2025.

According to Google’s official announcement, Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) will be fully deprecated on August 25, 2025. Any preexisting projects using FDL will continue to function until that time. Unfortunately, many app developers who regularly create new apps for new customers are now unable to use FDL for new projects.

Firebase Dynamic Links Deprecated Alert

The Important Role of Firebase Dynamic Links

Released in 2016 as part of the Firebase platform, Firebase Dynamic Links have long enabled app developers to create deep links that seamlessly direct users to specific content or actions within an app, regardless of whether the app was installed on the end user’s device. This functionality enabled friction-free user experiences. Dynamic Links also offered advanced tracking and analytics capabilities to measure the performance and impact of different linking strategies—providing insights vital to user journey optimization.

Do You Rely on Firebase Dynamic Links?

We understand how frustrating it can be when a tool you’ve trusted for years is suddenly unavailable. At the same time, we know how important dynamic deep linking is to any app business. Not having a solution is simply not an option. You need to find an FDL replacement ASAP.

We’ve helped businesses large and small navigate FDL deprecation and migration to a new solution. Let us help you.

How Our Team Can Help You

Quick Onboarding

We know you need a quick solution so you can continue serving customers. Get up and running with our dedicated, hands-on support.

FDL Feature Parity

Cover all your bases. Our deep linking suite contains all the FDL features you’ve come to rely on, so you can support all preexisting functionality.

Simplified Migration for Existing Projects

Once you’re up and running with our linking tools for your new app projects, our team will help set up a streamlined migration plan to bring over your existing projects before full FDL deprecation on August 25, 2025.

Scalable, Long-Term Solution and Support

We’ve been providing deep linking solutions since 2011 and are trusted by some of the largest app developers and publishers on the planet—processing billions of clicks daily.

Tap Into Enhanced Features

Once you’re fully onboarded, explore our enhanced features including built-in QR codes, iOS Universal Links and Android App Links, iOS App Clips and Android Instant Apps, and more.

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Kochava SmartLinks

As a leading mobile measurement partner (MMP) since 2011, Kochava has innovated a cutting-edge suite of dynamic deep linking solutions that help brands around the world drive friction-free user experiences to boost conversion rates and engagement.

Key Features Included With Kochava SmartLinks

Dynamic Deep

Deferred Deep

Dynamic Routing by
Platform, OS, Geo

Support Across Paid and Owned Media

Acquisition and Reengagement Tracking


Quick Response (QR)
Code Generator

Vanity Links

Landing Pages

iOS Universal
Links Support

Android App
Links Support

App Clips & Instant
Apps Support

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FDL Deprecation Is a Challenge. We’re Here to Help.

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