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Increase In-App Purchases with Mobile Measurement for eCommerce and Shopping Apps

Fulfill your shopping app marketing goals with omni-channel attribution and measurement all within one platform

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Kochava for Shopping and eCommerce

Understand the customer journey to improve conversion rates

Follow your customers as they search for products, apply discounts, and shop online or in stores. No matter what platform, channel, or devices your customers engage with, Kochava IdentityLink® connects the dots for full-funnel visibility into their journey – helping you understand what experiences and offers drive the highest lifetime value (LTV).

Easily bring users into your app from the web with the Kochava web SDK for simple cross-device measurement.

Know which advertising campaigns maximize sales

Across every campaign, every channel, and every media partner, Kochava uncovers the true sources driving in-app revenue. Navigate your omni-channel media mix and leverage our plug-n-play integrations across thousands of media partners.

mobile attribution for shopping app
Kochava for Shopping and eCommerce apps

Boost app adoption for increased customer lifetime value

Customer loyalty increases with mobile app adoption. Kochava SmartLinks™ delivers friction-free deep linking tools to get more customers into your app. SmartLinks can even be turned into QR codes for increased user engagement via in-store signage across your mobile apps and website.

Check out on Apple Search Ads

Seamlessly measure and optimize all of your campaigns on Apple Search Ads (ASA) with:

✔ ASA campaign optimization
✔ Keyword-level reporting, analytics, and insights
✔ Integration support for ASA campaign management platforms

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Search Ads Maven for eCommerce and shopping apps
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Premier iOS Support
Kochava ensures secure, privacy-first measurement of all your customer data across Apple devices and complete support for SKAdNetwork attribution.

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Predictive Churn Modeling
Boost overall customer LTV with highly accurate predictive churn modeling. Know which customers are most likely to churn and reengage them before they do.

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Data & analytics
Dig into customer app transactions without limits. Extract actionable strategic insights through analytics, reports, and a built-in SQL query prompter.

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Dynamic audience activation
Segment lapsed customers for reengagement or your top rewards members as a seed for a lookalike model. Use Kochava Audiences to  segment and activate your first-party customers dynamically.

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Media cost aggregation
Measure all of your omni-channel ad spend data in one dashboard and streamline your ROAS equation to maximize sales revenue.

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