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Urgently Need a Firebase Dynamic Links Alternative?

Get extensive dynamic linking functionality to maintain and enhance your user experiences with Kochava.

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Goodbye Firebase Dynamic Links. Hello Kochava SmartLinks™!

As a leading mobile measurement partner (MMP) since 2011, Kochava has innovated cutting-edge dynamic linking and deep linking solutions that help brands around the world drive friction-free user experiences to boost conversion rates and engagement.

Kochava SmartLinks are a dynamic links alternative

Growing brands leverage Kochava for all of their deep linking needs

SmartLinks are your best alternative to Dynamic Links

faa free dynamic linking and deep linking abilities

Provide a first-rate linking experience no matter where the link is opened

Users can open Kochava dynamic links on iOS or Android and be taken directly to the app content. Similarly, if a user opens that same link on a desktop, they will be taken to the equivalent content on your website.

Illustration depicting how Smartlinks dynamic linking work

Expand your mobile deep linking capabilities

View the entire path to conversions with Kochava deep linking. Our solutions cover both app-to-app and web-to-app functionality across omni-channel media (paid and owned), contextual filters (geographic device type, OS), and destinations (app stores, web, app clips, instant apps, and more).

two mobile phones demonstrating reengagement with deep links and dynamic links

Configure links for acquisition or re-engagement

Use SmartLinks across both user acquisition (UA) and re-engagement campaigns and easily dictate the point of conversion. Choose installs, purchases, sessions and any other standard or custom key performance indicator (KPI) event. Attribution will only be awarded when the conditions you set are met.

SmartLink features go beyond Firebase Dynamic Links

Kochava SmartLinks™ elevate your dynamic linking capabilities with cross-platform linking across online and offline marketing channels, with built-in support for a host of features:

Dynamic Deep Linking

Deferred Deep Linking

Dynamic Routing by Platform, OS, Geo

Support Across Paid and Owned Media

Acquisition and Reengagement Tracking

Full-Funnel Attribution

Quick Response (QR) Code Generator

Shortened Vanity Links

Custom Landing Pages

iOS Universal Links Support

Android App Links Support

App Clips & Instant Apps Support

Ready to migrate from Firebase Dynamic Links to Kochava Smartlinks? Get started with our support documentation.

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Users expect friction-free, personalized experiences. Our experts will help you plan a seamless migration from your Firebase Dynamic Links to Kochava SmartLinks.

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