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Measure Your Marketing with a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

An MMP is vital to your marketing strategy by acting as a single source of truth between your ad campaigns and in-app conversions.

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Why do I need an MMP for marketing?

An MMP is an independent third-party platform that tracks, organizes, and visualizes mobile app data to give marketers a unified view of campaign performance across all channels and partners.

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On the web, it’s easy to trace activity
to its source.

Measurment Gap

On mobile, app stores create a measurement gap between the ad the user saw
and the app install.

Bridging the Gap

A mobile measurement partner
bridges that gap.

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Kochava as Your Mobile Measurement Partner for Growth

Eliminate SDK Bloat

Eliminate SDK bloat

As you grow your omni-channel media mix, integrating multiple ad network SDKs causes SDK bloat. Kochava provides you with a single SDK with out-of-the-box support for thousands of media partners.

Link mobile conversions to your advertising spend

By tracking all of your ad activity across your marketing channels, we, as your MMP marketing partner, precisely match (attribute) every conversion back to its true source to help you understand return on ad spend (ROAS).

Link Mobile Conversions
Understand User Visibility

Unite user visibility across web and mobile

Unlock a better understanding of your user journeys across each touchpoint with your brand. Leverage our Web SDK and IdentityLink® capabilities to see how users move between your app and web properties.

Consolidate your reporting

See campaigns, across all channels and partners, cleanly reported in a single dashboard. No more piecing together reports to try and understand the bigger picture and your true ROI.

Consolidate Your Reporting
Enable Intelligent Optimization

Enable intelligent optimization

See which ad strategies are working and which aren’t. Identify the channels and creatives that are delivering the most valuable users to optimize for success and growth.

Getting Started is Easy

Get Started with an MMP

We Work with Who You Work with

Easily launch and measure campaigns with over 4,500 integrated super publishers, ad networks, DSPs, and other media partners.

Grow Without Limits

No matter where you are in your marketing journey, Kochava has solutions to fit your needs.

Select your preferred plan below to get started or contact us for a free consultation and demo.


Free App Analytics®


Includes 10K conversions/month


No budget? No problem. Kickstart your omni-channel growth journey with the same core tools used by enterprise-grade brands.

Top Features Include:

  • Mobile & CTV App Analytics
  • Campaign Attribution (Owned Media & Self-Attributing Networks Only)
  • Media Planning
  • Apple SKAdNetwork Support
  • A/B/n Testing
  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Analytics
  • Summary Performance Reports
  • Deep Linking
  • Fraud Prevention
  • GDPR & CCPA Consent Management
Free Trial


Starting at $500/month

Includes 33K conversions/month


You’re off and running and it’s time to scale. Unlock enhanced tools, row-level reporting, and take more control over your attribution rules to optimize your media mix strategy.

Everything in Free App Analytics®, plus:

  • Web SDK & Cross-Device IdentityLink
  • Campaign Attribution (All Integrated Media Partners)
  • Configurable Attribution by App and Partner
  • Enhanced Multi-Platform Deep Linking
  • Universal Links and App Links
  • Quick Response (QR) codes
  • Row-Level Event Reporting
  • Analytics Audience Export
  • Raw Data Query (100 queries/month)

Free Trial


Starting at $2,000/month

Includes 200K MAU/month


Explore limitless potential to optimize your omni-channel media mix for the highest return on ad spend. Tailor fraud prevention, measure ad spend, and analyze your data with unprecedented flexibility.

Includes Everything in Foundation, Plus:

  • Measurement for All Connected Devices
  • Tracker-Level Configurable Attribution
  • Dynamic Audience Activation
  • Media Cost
  • Ad Revenue
  • Predictive Churn Modeling
  • Fraud Console and Custom Fraud Prevention
  • Raw Data Query (Unlimited Queries/month)
  • Custom Data Postbacks