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kochava vs branch alt

Looking for Branch Competitors?

If you’re considering Branch deep linking or Branch attribution, see how Kochava creates the perfect combination in one powerful platform with SmartLinks™.

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Why You Should Choose Kochava Solutions Over Branch Alternatives

Branch deep linking

Boost Conversion Rates With Deferred Deep Linking

With built-in app install detection, Kochava SmartLinks™ can deep link your users even if they don’t have the app installed. When users don’t have the app, Kochava’s deferred deep linking solution will send users to the appropriate app store for installation and then to the intended in-app content when the app is first launched.

Faster and Smarter Than
Branch Deep Links

SmartLinks are fast. No frozen screens or delayed redirects. With smart routing, pave the way for a truly friction-free path to conversion, regardless of a user’s connected device. With SmartLinks, marketers can create a single link capable of performing both deep linking and deferred deep linking functionality.


A Holistic View Into Your Omni-Channel Attribution

Unlike Branch attribution, Kochava encapsulates a wider range of features including support for out-of-home (OOH), connected TV (CTV), and linear TV attribution channels and the ability to measure incremental lift with Kochava Foundry™. Capture performance insights across your entire media mix to understand return on investment (ROI).

Only With Kochava

Privacy Profiles

Customize user and device data collection and usage based on Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) opt-in status.
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60X Granularity

Achieve unmatched configurable attribution granularity with options to scale lookback windows down to the minute.
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Easily connect the dots across devices, platforms, and households with privacy-first identity resolution.
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Hear Why Marketers Choose Kochava

Camelot Logo

“The granularity of Kochava data is really the main reason clients choose Kochava over other partners.”

Nate Gasser

VP Emerging Media and Technology

Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

Experian Logo

“The features that really make Kochava stand out are not only the attribution pieces but also the way that Kochava is rapidly evolving their product.”

Chris Barcinas

Director, Integrated Marketing


We Work With Who You Work With

Easily launch and measure campaigns with over 4,500 integrated super publishers, ad networks, DSPs, and other media partners. Kochava is a measurement partner with Facebook, Twitter, ASA, Snapchat, Verizon Media, Google Ads, and more!


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Is Kochava attribution compliant with Apple iOS 14.5+?

Kochava ensures complete compliance with Apple’s User Privacy and Data Use policy. Advertising measurement practices follow the strict guidance provided by Apple on what is or isn’t allowed for attribution based on a user’s consent to tracking via the AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework.

What Kochava SKAdNetwork resources and support are available?

Kochava provides advertisers with code-free integration of the SKAdNetwork. Kochava also delivers maximum insight from SKAdNetwork conversion values through four configurable conversion models and the option to set your measurement window anywhere between day of install out to 7 days post install. Lastly, Kochava provides a robust SKAdNetwork Partner Certification program to ensure you can find growth partners who are best suited to help you succeed on the SKAdNetwork.

What Kochava integrations are offered?

Kochava supports software development kit (SDK) and server-to-server (S2S) integration options. While not required, SDK integration is recommended to maximize benefits of the Kochava platform. For SDK implementation, the app developer must include code provided by Kochava into their app and test the integration. For S2S implementation, the advertisers must establish their server infrastructure and then send Kochava event data for attribution and analytics.

Does Kochava support cross-platform measurement?

Kochava’s IdentityLink™ enables cross-device visibility into the user journey across any connected device. Marketers can append user-level identifiers to device-level interactions. Distinct user behavior can then be joined across devices to understand a 360-degree perspective on user touchpoints with your brand.

Kochava Pricing vs. Branch Pricing

Kochava offers affordable pricing plans, including Free App Analytics®, for any sized app based on monthly active users (MAU). That means we only grow if you grow. Plans based on attributed conversion volume are also available.

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