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A Marketer’s Survival Guide To Navigating Challenging Terrain

By May 7, 2020August 18th, 2022News & Updates, User Engagement 5 Min Read

In trying times, strengthening your customer connection is wise and appreciated.

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People are nervous, confined to small spaces, their every aspect of normal life has been altered. No social gatherings or exponential spending whether that be food or entertainment. This is creating a hardship for consumers and brands alike. No matter what industry you are in, your overall economy has been affected. But there is a way we can take advantage of this momentary wrench in society, as marketers. Don’t dwell on the quarterly or year-end goals you inevitably won’t be hitting but instead revel in the opportunity to create a new path forward, discover new insights and potential customers you may have otherwise overlooked.

So what can you as a marketer do in times of crisis?

1. Focus on Brand Integrity

Now more than ever consumers are not only consuming content but absorbing it. They are looking for connectivity and positive messaging to bring them out of their drab lockdown lifestyle. So give it to them. Bring your brand to life. Give consumers a platform to engage with, a message to get behind, and a community to be a part of. Take a deep look into what you want your brand to stand for and brainstorm ideas on how you can get engagement among your consumer community to encourage them to share your message. Individual resources are limited for most but consumer loyalty and brand sentiment are becoming more apparent. For those who still have the means to add new tech to their “work-from-home” office, or add a new cozy sweater to their closet are still willing to spend, but they are looking to those brands who are giving back or providing positive messaging in a time of need. Focus on those potential buyers, create a message that resonates and encourage them to share with others.

2. Grow Retention

User acquisition is a slippery slope right now. Even with the potential of lower costs given the with increasing inventory, conversion rates are dropping, making prospecting campaigns less reliable and less cost-effective. With companies vying for consumers’ tighter budgets, this is the perfect time to refocus messaging and analytical efforts on those users already engaged in-app and with your brand. Take a deep dive into your customer activity data and segment audiences into whatever buckets you find of most value, whether that be geo, device type, gender, purchase values, etc. Engage each of these audiences with curated campaigns with meaningful messaging and creative content that will spark a sense of connectivity and, thereby, brand loyalty. Monitor responses and engagement metrics closely to fuel the growth of the community within your brand and ideally reduce churn. Retention has always been at the forefront of marketing efforts, but as acquisition starts to slow for the foreseeable future, maintaining current customers is key in lowering loss of revenue.

3. Emphasize Quality

Now is the time to take a deep dive into data. Break out the intricate (sometimes daunting) user-level data and sift through row upon row of metrics. Identifying not only who your core users are, but where they came from is crucial to extend your budget by understanding true performance through a return on ad spend (ROAS) lens. Breakdown which channels drove these quality users, not just installers. Creating relevant content is the other part of the quality piece. Curate specific messaging you know will resonate with that audience enough to drive them to action. Not the typical generic copy but provoke conversational calls to action. This audience is a high-quality customer segment–treat them like it and they will respond accordingly.

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