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Amazon has been on a record-breaking streak this year as an advertising platform and retailer. Both large and small brands are considering Amazon as a major source for advertising especially with its proven results in consumer goods sales.

The Amazon Fire tablet and OTT Fire TV devices are some of the biggest selling products for Amazon, selling out consecutively during the holidays and their Amazon Prime Days. Fire tablet sales, in particular, hit 7.7M units in Q4 2017, edging out Samsung tablet sales.

Marketers can’t ignore Amazon as an advertising tour de force—CNBC recently reported that a significant number of marketers are shifting ad budgets from Google to Amazon. However, marketers looking to correctly and accurately measure users on Fire Tablet and OTT (over-the-top) devices routinely encounter technical complications due to device nuances.

“Kochava has a proven solution and a robust integration with Amazon where marketers can track OTT,” said Garrett MacDonald, EVP of sales at Kochava. “We are the only mobile measurement provider that has been officially tested and working for them.”

Track Amazon Fire with Kochava SDK

The Kochava SDK can track installs and in-app activity on Fire Tablets and OTT Fire TV devices. Successful capture of the FAID (Fire Advertising ID) ensures deterministic attribution eligibility against ad clicks & impressions, along with deep engagement insights at the individual device level.

Kochava IdentityLink® can be used to map user engagement with your brand across all connected devices, including mobile and desktop.

“Any marketer with a Fire TV or Fire tablet app can now seamlessly integrate the Kochava SDK and begin measuring performance. Audiences across device platforms can then be holistically stitched together with IdentityLink®. This provides the most accurate view of users across all screens, channels, and devices,” MacDonald said.

Our certified integration with Amazon Advertising also facilitates holistic measurement of marketing campaigns across their various solutions:

  1. Sponsored products: desktop & mobile on the site
  2. Display ads: mobile & tablet browsers on the site
  3. Video: for Amazon properties—IMDb, Fire TV, web; Amazon Echo & mobile/desktop web

Start tracking users on Amazon devices

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