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Expands measurement beyond “last click” to include all levels of influencers, completely configurable by the advertiser

Kochava Gold publisher partners ActionX, AOL, AppLovin, AdColony, InMobi, UnityAds, and Vungle are first to offer this enhanced value to advertisers

SANDPOINT, Idaho – August 31, 2015 – Kochava (, the mobile attribution analytics and optimization company, today announced the industry’s first Configurable View-Through Attribution service for mobile marketers. Kochava Configurable View-Through Attribution allows mobile advertisers to track who is actually driving the reach of a campaign and influencing activity. New Kochava Gold publisher partners ActionX, AOL, AppLovin, AdColony, InMobi, UnityAds, and Vungle have partnered with Kochava for the launch of Configurable View-Through Attribution and will be the first to offer this enhanced value to advertisers.

The new reporting from Kochava, made possible through Configurable View-Through Attribution, allows advertisers to identify those influencers who wouldn’t have previously been credited for influencing an app install or other activity, a casualty of the measurement industry’s last click install approach, where only the source that drove the final click receives credit.

“Very little traffic is actually organic; it’s almost always influenced by multiple sources and those are important for advertisers to track,” says Kochava CEO, Charles Manning. “Kochava will keep pushing the measurement and attribution frontier, shining insights into the formerly untracked and unmeasured regions of user acquisition that reveal valuable information for mobile advertisers.”

The Kochava Attribution Engine is designed to be comprehensive, authoritative, and actionable. The engine considers all possible factors and then separates the winning click from the influencers in real-time. The primary elements include impressions, clicks, installs and events, and each of these have specific criteria which can be configured by the advertiser to optimize their campaigns. This translates to massive volumes of incoming traffic Kochava processes to deliver valuable influencer reporting for advertisers, all in real time.

With simple last click install reporting, advertisers would miss out on the rich influencer data now available with Kochava Configurable View-Through Attribution. Through Kochava, advertisers can define the exact weight of importance they want to give to impressions and clicks, configurable at a variety of levels from the app level, all the way down to the creative of a campaign targeted to a specific source.

“The global mobile advertising industry is suffering today from the lack of a consistent worldwide standard around what an impression is,” says Manning. “An impression of a video ad, for example, can be captured in a host of different ways, from counting a view 5-seconds in, to counting the completion of the video view, and different partners have widely varying parameters they use for this. Kochava is the first measurement company to tackle this problem head on with a complete Configurable View-Through Attribution tool that allows advertisers to specifically define what an impression is to them, and then measure and capture data against that.”

Not all mobile advertisers are pushing for app downloads. Advertisers running pure brand awareness campaigns benefit from Kochava Configurable View-Through Attribution to measure overall brand lift, acknowledging the value of driving influence and bringing new visibility to the true reach of a campaign. As consumer traffic continues to shift from desktop to mobile web and app, the success metrics of an advertising campaign can vary widely and tools that are configurable are necessary to match to the goals of any campaign.

Kochava has the largest pool of networks and publishers integrated and Kochava customers enjoy the ability to easily access and run media on any of Kochava’s 1,300+ integrated media sources. With the launch of Kochava Configurable View-Through Attribution Kochava has also announced its Advertiser’s Guide to Publishers. Publishers will now be ranked by the data that is shared with Kochava that provides enhanced attribution and analytics for advertisers, giving advertisers greater visibility and understanding into each media source.

The new Kochava Gold publisher partners are ActionX, AOL, AppLovin, AdColony, InMobi, UnityAds, and Vungle. By partnering with Kochava at the launch of Configurable View-Through Attribution these companies will be the first to offer this enhanced value to the advertiser.

“The integration of View-Through Attribution in the mobile app space marks a huge turning point in the way brands understand the value of their advertising spend,” Said Mike Brooks, Global Director of App Advertising at AOL. “We’re excited to deepen the knowledge-share and expose the impact of the impression with this new offering from Kochava.”

“We continue to face a number of challenges in mobile performance advertising ecosystem related to transparency,” said Zain Jaffer, CEO of Vungle. “We’re happy to see Kochava invest in technologies like View-Through Attribution and impression tracking which we anticipate will likely become industry-wide standards in the very near future.”

“ActionX is proud to be among the first Kochava Gold partners offering Configurable View-Through Attribution,” said Evan Schwartz, CEO and Co-founder of ActionX. “Going beyond last click attribution is important for measuring the true impact of our app re-engagement campaigns and we are excited to make this innovative new Kochava feature available to our clients.”

Mobile Advertisers interested in revealing the true reach and influencing factors driving their mobile campaigns should contact Kochava for a demonstration of Configurable View-Through Attribution or visit for more information.