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 First off-the-shelf statistical learning tool available directly to advertisers ushers in new era of transparency and data driven efficiency for mobile campaigns


 Kochava acquires InferSystems to bring Kochava Optimization Beacon to market immediately

SANDPOINT, Idaho – February 27, 2015 – Kochava (, the mobile attribution analytics and optimization company, today announced the Kochava Optimization Beacon, the first off-the-shelf predictive machine learning tool available directly to advertisers. The Kochava Optimization Beacon will be used by advertisers to automate the efficiency of their mobile ad campaigns.

Kochava also announced today the acquisition of InferSystems (, a predictive analytics software company already successfully serving the mobile advertising market. Through its acquisition of InferSystems, and the integration of the InferEngine technology with the Kochava Platform, Kochava is ushering in a new era of transparency and data-driven efficiency for mobile advertisers.

“While other measurement technology vendors are raising tens of millions of dollars to build teams who are just starting to think about campaign optimization, Kochava has acquired proven technology and an existing team, and will be shipping product that will be serving Kochava customers  in the next month,” said Charles Manning, Kochava CEO. “2015 will be the year transparency in the mobile ad industry becomes the rule rather than the exception, and brands can truly optimize their mobile ad spend based on their own unique data.”

Introducing the Kochava Optimization Beacon

The Kochava Optimization Beacon delivers the “Holy Grail” of advertising intelligence and transparency: precise, actionable data to help advertisers serve the right ad to the right person at the right time. The Beacon’s predictive statistical learning technology takes advertisers’ current manually-driven approach for running and optimizing mobile campaigns and replaces it with a completely automated process using statistical machine learning intelligence while continuing to leverage the 1000+ member ecosystem of ad networks and publishers who are integrated with Kochava.

The Kochava Optimization Beacon represents the first time this tool is available to advertisers off the shelf, essentially putting advanced machine learning in the hands of every mobile advertiser for plug-and-play campaign optimization for mobile ads. Where previously advertisers trying to optimize their campaigns were only as good as the limited and often hard to access data from a spreadsheet or proprietary database, the Kochava Optimization Beacon automates this entire process. Using the Beacon, advertisers can deliver campaign impressions using tens of thousands of rules-based criteria that are automatically optimized using statistical learning algorithms, generated dynamically and in real time.

The Beacon uses advertisers’ unique data to its fullest capacity, making real-time adjustments as it learns. The most important factor in launching successful campaigns is the speed at which customers can derive a successful response and adjust campaigns accordingly. The Beacon’s data-driven targeting allows advertisers to trim the waste from campaigns so expenses drop and install rates increase, driving massive ROI lift without any of the heavy lifting previously associated with this type of campaign optimization.

“The Kochava Optimization Beacon is going to be a game changer for us,” said Scott Lake, director of product planning and strategy, “The Beacon will allow us to leverage our first-party data in a trusted manner to programmatically and algorithmically find the most value from our mobile user acquisition partners.”

Kochava Acquires InferSystems

InferSystems is an automated predictive analytics software company already in market with an automatic demand side optimization solution. Kochava has acquired InferSystems, key staff, and the company’s patented systems and technologies. The integration of InferSystem’s technology with the Kochava platform resulted in the Kochava Optimization Beacon, a new technology offering that stands to disrupt the mobile advertising intelligence space leveraging the best of both companies’ offerings woven together.  The core InferEngine leverages statistical learning theory has led to remarkable success in fields such as computer vision, speech recognition and bioinformatics.

Using the InferEngine, brands such as Microsoft and McDonald’s have already realized more than fifty percent reductions in their cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition campaigns.  As an off-the-shelf add-on to the Kochava platform, the Optimization Beacon will bring campaign results like these to every Kochava customer. 

What’s Good for Advertisers is Good for the Ecosystem

The entire ecosystem benefits from the improved data-driven, rule-based feedback loop exposed by the Kochava Optimization Beacon. With greater transparency advertisers spend more effectively, which drives improvements in overall ROI. There is a great deal of waste in the mobile advertising ecosystem, which drags down the efficiency numbers for advertisers, but also inhibits the performance of networks and publishers. The Kochava Optimization Beacon ingests any and all data in real time and provides optimized predictive responses for all things, such as impressions, conversions, creative ad units and in-app purchases – making the optimization rules available for free to any Optimization Beacon Certified publisher partners. When all the players in the mobile ad ecosystem are on the same page, looking at the same quality data, advertisers are able to target more effectively, so they can spend more and everybody wins.

Get the Beacon

To join the group of participating publishers that can ingest and leverage the Optimization Beacon rules, please email with your request to be added to the certification program.