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Google is Deprecating Firebase Dynamic Links

By May 19, 2023November 28th, 2023News & Updates 13 Min Read

Get Prepared Now with Dynamic Links Alternatives from Kochava

Thousands of app developers worldwide leverage Firebase’s Dynamic Links (FDL) to drive friction-free user experiences through deep linking functionality. Now, Google is no longer recommending app developers use Dynamic Links for new projects, as it plans to deprecate the feature in August of 2025 according to this Firebase support post.

When is Google deprecating Firebase Dynamic Links?

Google has set August 25, 2025 as the official date for deprecation. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in-the-know on future developments.

Google Firebase logo on a tombstone

What should I do if I use Dynamic Links?

Start investigating alternatives now and get your migration plan underway as this change will require you to cease any reliance on Dynamic Links well ahead of the final shutdown. Without a solution in place, any existing Dynamic Links will break – leaving your users and customers facing error messages, blank screens, and frustration. 

Here are several key factors you should be considering in your migration strategy: 

  • Link Tracking and Attribution: If you rely on FDL for link tracking and attribution explore other tools or platforms that provide similar functionality to track link clicks and measure campaign performance accurately.
  • Deep Linking Capabilities: Map out your existing user journey flows and experiences so you can walk through them with alternative providers. Not every provider may offer contextual deep linking, deferred deep linking, and other capabilities you rely on. If you map them out in advance, this can be part of your assessment of any replacement tool. 
  • Workflow Adjustments: The deprecation of FDL might require marketing teams and their agencies (if any) to make adjustments to their workflow and processes. They may need to invest time and resources in implementing and learning new tools or APIs to replace the functionality previously offered by FDL.

Despite the deprecation announcement, there is no need to panic. Kochava is here to help with our own deep linking solution. As long as you don’t procrastinate, you have time to get a new solution in place, well before the Dynamic Links service is shut down.

Migrate from Firebase Dynamic Links to Kochava Smartlinks. Follow our support documentation.

Dynamic Links alternatives

As a leading mobile measurement partner (MMP), Kochava offers a go-to alternative to Firebase’s Dynamic Links. Founded in the early days of the mobile app boom, Kochava has evolved to offer a full stack of deep linking functionality that surpasses the Dynamic Links feature set.

Kochava supports:

  • Standard Deep Linking
  • Contextual Deep Linking
  • Deferred Deep Linking
  • Advanced SmartLinks solution
  • Enhanced Cross-Platform Deep Linking
  • Android App Links and iOS Universal Links
  • Android Instant Apps & iOS App Clips
  • Custom Domain / Vanity Links
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Quick Response (QR) Codes
  • Dynamic Routing Logic by Platform, OS, Geo, etc.
  • And much more
Illustration depicting how Smartlinks deep linking works

To see examples of how other apps leverage Kochava for their deep linking needs, check out these case studies with The Athletic, Univision, and Jamba.

Test Kochava deep linking for free

You can begin implementation of Kochava while your Dynamic Links are still in place. This can be done for free with our 30-day enterprise free trial. Additionally, our no-cost solution, Free App Analytics® offers basic deep linking functionality which may be a viable option depending on your current needs and the size of your app(s). 

To connect with a deep linking expert for a demo of Kochava SmartLinks and an in-depth consultation where you can explain the scenarios and user journeys you need to support, get in touch with us here.

The importance of deep linking

Deep linking is no longer a luxury for mobile apps; it’s a necessity. Today’s consumer expects friction-free, tailored experiences, and those are only possible with a robust deep linking solution in place. For marketers, the ability to deep link consumers directly from an ad into an app for seamless redemption of an offer, completion of a purchase, activation of a free trial, etc., can boost conversion rates by as much as 40%.

man hiking over a mountain showing how a deep link works

If you’re relatively new to deep linking and would like to learn more about the subject, check out our free Introduction to Deep Linking Guide.