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Today Google announced the release of Firebase with support for Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360. Kochava is integrated natively within Google Tag Manager. This is good news for developers who are using Google Tag Manager because Kochava measurement is available without an app update.

This Google Tag Manager integration is simply the latest addition to a long list of Google integrations used by Kochava and integrations with 3rd party SDK partners.  Existing support for other google products include Search, YouTube & AdMob campaigns, Universal App Campaigns, DoubleClick and more. As Google broadens its mobile offering Kochava remains at the forefront to ensure access to first-class attribution for Google users.

In yesterday’s announcement, Google announced partnerships with several of the leading app attribution solutions including Kochava. The announcement also quoted Kochava CEO, Charles Manning.

“We have always been passionate about supporting developers by making sure Kochava is integrated with the best developer tools. That’s why we’re so excited to provide out-of-the-box support for Google Tag Manager via Firebase.” -Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava

You can read the Google announcement here.