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Kochava recently partnered with Corona Labs to bring attribution to the more than 300,000 developers using the platform. The mission of Corona Labs is to enable anyone to create great mobile apps. The Corona SDK combined with the Kochava plugin brings the best in attribution to the most advanced 2D mobile development platform.

Corona Labs announced the release of the plugin on Tuesday. The announcement is reposted below.

Knowing who your customers are and how they use your app is important to your success. Kochava allows you to get a deeper understanding of your app’s performance and, more importantly, where your customers are coming from.

At its core, Kochava is an attribution plugin. Essentially, it detects the first time your app launches and links that event up with a specific advertisement the user clicked to install your app. Medium to large studios can use this information to optimize customer acquisition methods.

Kochava can also be used as a full analytics plugin. In addition to logging events, it can log “deep links.” It can also record spatial data, such as accelerometer data or a character’s position within a game.

“Kochava is excited to partner with Corona Labs to bring industry-leading attribution & analytics to the 300,000+ developers who are already using Corona to create hit games and amazing apps!” said Justin Landis, Director of Content Marketing for Kochava.

Getting started

To get started with Kochava, see our documentation. For attribution services, you simply need to call the init() method and, afterwards, call the appropriate APIs for the other analytics features. If you have any questions about getting started with Kochava, contact their support team via email at

Join us in our community forums to discuss this fantastic addition to our plugin portfolio.