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Kochava increases transaction volume by 250% for hundreds of tier-one brands with the industry’s fastest click response times and service uptime


  • 3rd party sources validate Kochava’s click response times twice as fast as closest competitors
  • Faster click response times result in lower friction for users to download apps, increasing conversion rates
  • Kochava investment in platform infrastructure delivers industry-leading service uptime
  • Kochava customers see 250% transaction growth in first six months of 2014
  • Kochava grew customer base 255% over past year


SANDPOINT, Idaho – June 10, 2014 – Kochava (, the mobile attribution analytics and optimization company, today announced that the industry’s fastest click response times and 99.998 uptime in 1H 2014 have resulted in incredible year over year growth in clients and transaction volume for the mobile measurement leader.


Click response times: twice as fast as nearest competitors

Third party sources have confirmed Kochava’s click response times, averaging under 400ms end-to-end,   are two times faster than the next closest competitor’s.  It is well known that faster click response times result in lower friction for users to download apps and higher conversion rates.  Kochava has invested in a worldwide datacenter footprint with geo-aware routing capabilities.  This distributed technology approach supports global distribution and optimized tracking response times based on location of the end users when they respond to mobile media.


Uptime: 99.998% in 2014

Kochava customers have enjoyed 99.998% uptime in 2014, demonstrating the company’s enterprise-grade availability in support of its industry-leading response times. Kochava’s investment in the best infrastructure for mobile app measurement gives customers the peace of mind that their tracking data is reliable and accurate, breeding unparalleled customer confidence, loyalty, and growth.


Client growth: 255% year over year

As the leading attribution and analytics company supporting tier-one brands, Kochava saw its customer base grow more than 255% over the last year.  The average Kochava customer has more than 10 apps under management in their portfolio, with some having as many as 300 apps being tracked by Kochava.


Transaction growth: 250% since January 1, 2014

Over the past year Kochava has proven its value to customers for measuring media buys “at scale.” Transaction volume grew 250% in the last six months, representative of the value new and existing Kochava customers are experiencing with increased use of the platform.

“As we head into the second half of 2014, publishers are flocking to Kochava, making us their preferred measurement technology because of our reputation for market-leading visualization, the broadest volume, and the easiest technology approach for integration with ad-networks,” said Charles Manning, chief executive officer, Kochava.  “Having the fastest response time for clicks and enterprise-grade availability has resulted in Kochava advertisers increasing their spend and the scale of their campaigns with us, and now we can boast having the best infrastructure for mobile media measurement as well.”

Media and other parties interested in meeting with Kochava will find the executive team speaking at upcoming industry events, including Mobile Acquisition Unlocked, June 10-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and The Facebook Marketing Summit Europe, June 19-20 in Dublin, Ireland. Contact to schedule time to meet.


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About Kochava
Kochava offers a unique, holistic approach to mobile attribution analytics and optimization. Via its platform, Kochava gives mobile advertisers the ability to understand their user acquisition activities in context through real-time visualization of campaign data. The Kochava platform provides precise analytics that span from initial launch through conversion, optimization and lifetime value (LTV) reporting. Kochava also provides post-install event postback support. Kochava is integrated with more than 500 publishers and is trusted by hundreds of brands including the biggest names in mobile gaming, news and media, and consumer goods. For more information visit