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Kochava Teams Up with Perform[cb] as New Authorized Agency Partner for Powerful Performance Marketing

By January 17, 2024Press 3 Min Read

Kochava, the leading real-time data solutions company for omni-channel attribution and measurement, announced Perform[cb], the pioneer of outcome-based user acquisition, as the newest authorized agency partner.

With two industry leaders teaming up, the future of data-driven mobile marketing looks very promising. Kochava and Perform[cb] are poised to push the envelope on innovation to provide marketers with the tools and solutions they need to succeed in an increasingly complex digital landscape. This partnership marks the start of an exciting new chapter in performance marketing.

The Perform[cb] way

Since 2002, Perform[cb] has been providing unique outcome-based solutions for modern marketers and affiliate partners. Utilizing strategies across 25+ digital channels, Perform[cb] targets marketers’ ideal audience and promotes their brand with AI-powered, high-value placements, ensuring optimal user experiences.

Powered by its patented media buying engine and proprietary anti-fraud software, Perform[cb] provides mobile marketers, app developers, and publishers with unmatched features such as customized dashboards, real-time reporting and targeting capabilities, proven app store optimization (ASO) strategies, and more. Perform[cb] prioritizes brands’ key metrics, consistently refining its approach based on their value signals, ensuring top-notch brand performance.

“We’re excited to join forces with Kochava, bringing premium marketing tech solutions to our clients. As an Authorized Partner, we can now harness the full potential of their platform, enhancing our ability to serve marketers effectively,” said Matthew Lord, Chief Strategy Officer at Perform[cb].”

Brands working with Perform[cb] can expect transparent, outcome-driven campaigns measured against their key success metrics. As marketers datasets expand, Perform[cb] continually fine-tune’s traffic alignment to maximize campaign scalability.

Through this partnership, marketers now have access to a wide inventory of both major and emerging digital media channels, allowing brands to reach customers with high-value, brand-safe placements throughout the full buyer funnel. Brands can run high-volume, outcome-based programs through a single point of integration with the Kochava platform.

How do you become a Kochava Authorized Partner?

If you’re an agency interested in becoming a Kochava Authorized Partner, please contact us today. The process involves a series of educational Discovery Sessions on various topics, including:

  • Measurement & Attribution*
  • Fraud Prevention
  • User Engagement
  • Deep Linking
  • iOS 14.5+ and SKAdNetwork
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Identity Solutions
  • MediaLift™
  • OTT and CTV

*Measurement & Attribution session required, plus two additional sessions selected by the agency. Once agencies become a Kochava Authorized Partner, they will be listed as such in the Kochava Media Index, the largest advertising database in the world.

For more details, or to enroll in the Authorized Partner Program, visit