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The Kochava Reports Interface is getting a major upgrade to bring a suite of new and enhanced features! Check out this video showing the new features and functionality.


Of course, you will still have access to the same on-demand summary and detail reports but now they are even more customizable.

  • You asked for localization, you got it! Every report, whether on-demand or scheduled, may be localized to the user’s timezone.
  • Define the data points included in reports, request filtered data sets and even include unattributed installs.
  • In addition to filtering, reports can optionally include custom click values, identity link values and traffic verification parameters.
  • All on-demand reports can now be scheduled so that every stakeholder can receive up-to-date reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

“Group By” options allow you to customize the organization of your data based on your strategy. For example, if your business is segmented based on geography, you can schedule a Network Summary report grouped by country which will give you a summary of installs by network for each country where traffic exists.

As a part of the new Specialized Reports section, we have added an mean-time-to-install (MTTI) report.

Fractional attribution reporting takes the Influencer report to the next level by surfacing the fractional breakdown specified within the Kochava UI. By defining percentages for fractional attribution within the Campaign Manager, you can see these results within the Fractional Attribution report.

The following video shows how to add a recurring Network Summary report.