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New Year, New Mobile Ad Fraud Strategy

By December 8, 2020August 18th, 2022Fraud Prevention, News & Updates 4 Min Read

Get a FREE fraud assessment to help prevent future losses

Mobile Ad Fraud Assessment tool

As we head into a new year and all the changes it will bring, now is a good time to evaluate your fraud prevention strategy with our free Mobile Ad Fraud Assessment tool.

Fraud prevention may have taken a backseat with all the news coming about Apple’s data privacy policies with iOS 14, but you can still take steps to prevent fraud now. While identifying fraud will change for iOS, there are still ways to mitigate it on all OS platforms. By identifying fraud now, you can implement prevention strategies for future ones.

Get your free fraud score

Just like you should check your credit score periodically, as marketers, you should be regularly assessing your fraud score.

Grant Simmons, our resident expert on mobile ad fraud and VP of Client Analytics here at Kochava, recommends checking for fraud by starting with a cohort and seeing what kind of signal you’re receiving because if not, fraud can easily “creep in” and be stealing attribution even before you notice a big problem.

“You should always be listening, but I recommend doing ‘stress tests’ to understand what’s likely happening. Take a cohort and see what ad signal is being received and what the credit is being given to that ad signal. Based on that, you might identify some opportunities for improvement,” Grant said during a recent livestream with the Mobile Marketing Association.

He said that often, marketers focus more on the real-time data they receive and don’t take the time to step back to assess the bigger picture.

With our Mobile Ad Fraud Assessment tool, you can do just that—assess your most recent campaign and get a fraud report of the most common types of fraud identified. With a minimum requirement of three months and data from at least three networks, we’ll run your data through our fraud algorithms and flag up to 12 types of fraud.

You’ll receive your fraud score in less than 24 hours. What’s best is that we won’t leave you alone to determine how to mitigate any damage identified. We feel strongly about fighting fraud and enabling a transparent ecosystem, and we’ll help you stop the fraud identified and help prevent it in the future.

Get educated!

An informed marketer is one who continually is learning how to spot fraud. When fraud is identified, it is an opportunity to know how to prevent that type in the future whether it’s being more vigilant about insertion order (IO) requirements or setting custom thresholds in traffic for prevention.

Keep in mind that the wider your audience reach, and the cheaper the cost per install (CPI), the more likely your publisher sites may exhaust their inventory and include more marginal, low-quality, and potentially fraudulent traffic.

“Every DSP [demand-side publisher] out there has a great list of publishers, but as they try to reach the acquisition goals required, traffic starts to get more marginal and can cross over into shark-infested waters. Make sure you have that real-time mitigation in place as soon as possible,” Grant said.

Get started today with our free Mobile Ad Fraud Assessment tool by filling out the form here.