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When Every Millisecond Matters

By August 23, 2019August 18th, 2022News & Updates 5 Min Read

Keeping a seamless user experience requires a measurement platform with zero downtime.

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In the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps won the 100-meter butterfly race by .01 seconds. The race was so close against heated opponent, Milorad Cavic, it required analyzing frames of video to distinguish which swimmer had won. Needless to say, in sports, seconds matter. 

The world of advertising is no different. The internet and programmatic advertising have made communication and data syndication instantaneous, 24/7, throughout the globe. Having a competitive edge may well rest on milliseconds of actionable data that contribute to your campaign footprint and future marketing decisions. 

As a marketer, having real-time data is critical, and any second—any millisecond—of downtime inhibits your ability to optimize campaigns.

For programmatic advertising, service outages are unacceptable, especially in maintaining brand identity. Marketers need consistency to make actionable decisions. Users connect with a brand’s image, and broken links from outages can cost more than a decrease in revenue. 

Additionally, the longer the outage, the worse the optimization and greater the loss of ad spend. An hour of downtime can potentially cost thousands or more in terms of lost revenue and users and starts a cascade of negative setbacks. That hour of lost data leads to poor optimization from lack of insights, which in turn results in higher bids and poorer quality traffic because programmatic bidding is missing key components from that time gap.

If, for example, you are spending $100M per year, that breaks down to $9.13M per month, $300K per day, and $12,500 per hour. During that hour, users can’t be redirected or tracked.  What’s an hour’s worth of data to you? How many lost installs or broken links are you willing to accept? When a business works to build a brand identity, lost data from a service outage is a first impression that can’t be redone. Regardless of what you spend, you can’t afford any amount of loss.

The platform that scales with you 

In the sleepless world of programmatic advertising, maintaining links is pivotal to a brand’s sustainability. From our inception, Kochava has built and maintained a platform that services big brands but from which all can benefit. We have a full engineering team that built our core services and supports them in-house 24/7 so that the tools work seamlessly together whether you are tracking owned media or paid.

Scalability is a key function of the Kochava platform and a major reason for its reliability. The system responds to increased traffic volume by redirecting it to other ingestion points, thus avoiding service outages and increased processing (latency) times.

To ensure data protection, Kochava has measures in place to avoid data loss. All customer data is backed through our ingestion services and can be reprocessed if such an event occurs because we collect row-level rather than aggregate data. The system can also recognize abnormal traffic patterns which aids in avoiding service outages and redirect traffic accordingly. 

Kochava routinely processes hundreds of millions of transactions per hour ensuring users get to the intended content and that it is properly attributed for marketers. There are several times a year when transaction volumes peak, largely related to popular sporting events such as March Madness, the NFL Kickoff game, NBA finals, and other mainstream events like major news stories or political debates. Whether it’s an average day, or transactions are spiking during March Madness, Kochava handles the load with zero downtime. 

The system that never sleeps

Kochava knows the value of real-time data and how detrimental even the smallest percentage of errors can have. There are many moving parts in programmatic advertising, and you need confidence that the tools you rely on will give you an advantage against your competitors. We work for you, and that’s why we strive for perfection and zero downtime with your data. 

For more information about the Kochava engine, contact us or a Client Success Manager.