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What is SKAdNetwork?

SKAdNetwork | Definition

SKAdNetwork is a storekit capability provided by Apple to help advertisers determine the efficacy of their ad campaigns while increasing the privacy of Apple users.

How does SKAdNetwork work?

SKAdNetwork relies on functions integrated into the source app where the ad is being displayed by an ad network, as well as the advertised app being promoted in the ad. The ad network itself must also play a role in signing ads and receiving install notifications when their ads result in campaign conversions. This means that the ad network, source app, and advertised app must play their part for the process to work end-to-end. 

Will SKAdNetwork support view-through attribution?

In early spring 2021, SKAdNetwork will support view-through attribution for advertisement formats, such as video, audio, and interactive advertisements. This will allow you to display your choice of advertising formats and measure which creatives are most effective while preserving user privacy.

SKAdNetwork postback flowchart

Should I integrate SKAdNetwork?

Yes. If you wish to continue receiving attribution and performance insights on your iOS growth campaigns after the roll-out of Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework in early Spring 2021, adoption of the SKAdNetwork is highly recommended. Kochava offers out-of-the-box SKAdNetwork support through its measurement software development kit (SDK) with robust conversion models to maximize the insights available to advertisers via SKAdNetwork’s conversion value method.

Learn more about Kochava SKAdNetwork support for advertisers here.

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What is SKAdNetwork, and How Do You Use It?

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