At Kochava, we know marketers have a number of choices when it comes to attribution and analytics. With a reputation for innovation based on customer demands, we are confident that our tools are the best in the business, and we have what you need to take your company to the next level of growth and beyond. Kochava also takes fraud very seriously and our engineers are constantly improving our fraud detection and mitigation tools for our customers. We regularly talk to marketers who have started out with a “cheap” solution that they have outgrown and find themselves facing a provider transition in order to meet their attribution and analytics needs. We’ve become specialists in helping make such a transition as seamless as possible, and we look forward to helping you get started with the only mobile measurement provider you’ll ever need: Kochava. Contact us today to make the move.


Transitioning from Tune/Branch

Linking platform Branch recently acquired Tune’s mobile attribution business. As a Tune customer facing an uncertain future, there has never been a better time to make the move to Kochava—the long-standing leader in mobile attribution and analytics. Learn why Branch and Tune combined still don’t match the power of Kochava.

Kochava is the market leader in mobile app attribution and analytics with:

The advantages you gain by using Kochava versus other platforms are significant.

Top Brand Trust Kochava


The Simplest and Easiest Transition

Kochava has experience transitioning customers of all sizes from other vendors. It’s not as challenging as you may think, and we stand ready to support your needs. Contact us today to get started.

For current Tune customers
Because of our existing integration with Tune, customers can utilize the Traffic Import tool. The tool allows for a quick and seamless transition from Tune directly to Kochava with no data loss.

Kochava will:

  • Provide customers with a campaign onboard experience with zero downtime transitions from Tune to Kochava
  • Provide an SDK that will mirror all of the Tune SDK APIs, allowing for a drag-and-drop migration solution without re-instrumentation of the SDK
  • Reroute server-to-server traffic for any client not wanting to re-engineer their integration, allowing for a simple swap of endpoint URLs
  • Have the only data onboarding solution for both install and user-engagement events, and can create a point-in-time transition for campaign switchovers and full deduplication


New Simple and Flexible Pricing Models

We will work with you to get the model you need and the price you want. Explore our pricing here.


Fraud Detection & Abatement

Kochava is leading the charge against mobile ad fraud. The Kochava platform delivers over 10% in media spend efficiency and offers the most powerful fraud abatement and detection tools in the digital advertising industry. We routinely save companies 15% and frequently cut client click volumes by 85% or more while simultaneously increasing install volumes since the money is finally getting to the right partners.

  • Other platforms offer limited protection with as few as four detection points
  • Kochava has pioneered the best Fraud Prevention Suite in the industry with 14 detection algorithms, along with 12 additional in beta, a full abatement suite, and use of our customizable Fraud Blocklist and Traffic Verifier
  • Kochava has an entire team dedicated to protecting clients’ data and data integrity that commonly identifies new types of fraud and works alongside clients to develop custom traffic thresholds for their account
  • No ulterior motives; we have no stake in the process except in saving our clients money


Your Data is Your Data

We take your privacy seriously; your data is your data. We do not use your data for any purpose, other than to help you mitigate fraud.


Configurable Attribution

Configurable attribution is one of the most powerful tools at a marketer’s disposal, and Kochava offers the most robust controls available. The Kochava Attribution Engine is unbiased, comprehensive and immediate. By considering every available data point (impressions, clicks, installs, and events) before determining the winning engagement, the attribution decision is final. This decision is actionable via real-time postbacks, data syndication, and reporting. Attribution factors, in order of priority, are: lookback window, match integrity, click time, user intent, and single-chance attribution.

  • Kochava has best-in-class configurable attribution available, including:
  • Attribution configurations are available down to the campaign or creative level
  • Treat different campaign types, or different creative types differently, even from the same media partner


Audience Insights

The Kochava Collective includes more than 3 billion device profiles across a combination of first-party SDK data and validated third-party data sources. In addition to activating audiences from within the Collective, you can also upload an audience and see a snapshot of its attributes.

  • Visualize the top attributes of your audience with a single click


Integrated Network Partners

Kochava customers enjoy the largest selection of official network and publisher integrations in the industry. The Kochava platform features comprehensive support for every integrated advertising network and publisher across platforms and integration types.

  • Kochava has 3,800+ media partner integrations


Analytics and Reporting

With the Kochava platform, marketers can sort by every data point, create cohorts of users, and export any data set in a variety of formats with a single click. Track the lifetime value (LTV) of your users and analyze true return on investment (ROI), by cohort or user.

  • Analytics
    • Kochava offers 13 interactive views with full cohorting functionality
    • Kochava offers 14 unique reports, including full row-level data access (for free), scheduling, and custom report creation
  • With Kochava query, custom reports can be created to meet any need. Once created, these custom reports are accessible directly in the reporting dashboard.


Deep Linking and User Redirection

With SmartLinks, marketers can ensure a friction-free user flow by combining deep linking technologies with branded landing pages and dynamic routing by platform.

  • Kochava offers full support for deep linking, including Universal Links, App Links, and URI links
  • Full control of the user flow from ad to store to app
  • Text-me-the-app and landing pages are both offered by Kochava


Push Notification Support

Engagement push notifications by Kochava makes it simple for app marketers to find the ideal audience timing, frequency, and messaging to maximize engagement and ultimately the lifetime value of users. We provide the right features to reach audiences through contextual push messages based on in-app, behavior-driven triggers.

  • Kochava has a full push notification system, including auto-optimization, A/B/n testing, and SMS support
  • Track and attribute user engagement to push campaigns for a better view of your owned media ROI
  • Track uninstalls directly alongside all other measurement data

Full List of Advantages with Kochava vs. the competition

  • 3,800+ Media Partner Integrations vs. ~160 integrations
  • Integrated with every self-attributed platform vs. missing key players
  • Full Fraud Prevention Suite with 14 algorithms, another 12 in beta, and real-time fraud blocklist vs. simple types of fraud detection
  • Extensive reporting with custom report creation vs. no reports
  • Real-time traffic verification vs. no traffic verification
  • Real-time alerting on any metric vs. no alerting
  • Audience syndication to media partners vs. no audience syndication
  • Full push notification cababilities with the same SDK vs. no push capability
  • Direct access to a full-featured mobile-first DMP vs. no DMP access
  • Deterministic uninstall data vs. no uninstall data
  • Probabilistic Equalizer (Ability to attribute owned media at same level as paid media for a configurable window) vs. no Probabilistic Equalizer
  • TV Tagging and Brand Recognition AI vs. none
  • 90+ Day data retention vs. ~7-day retention
  • Extensive media planning capabilities and ratings on media partners vs. no media planning capabilities
  • Media cost and ROI data vs. no media cost and ROI
  • Visibility into your True LTV (ad serving revenue) vs. no visiblity into ad revenue
  • Leading analytics system vs. minimalistic analytics
  • Attribution windows configurable not only at the partner level, but also at the tracker or creative level vs. partner level only
  • Full access to your row-level data vs. limited access to row-level data
  • Full language support vs. no language support

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