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Media Guide

The Kochava Media Guide is a one-stop-shop for advertisers to research supply sources from supply-side platforms (SSPs) to boutique publishers for their mobile ad campaigns. The Media Guide is the answer to Advertisers’ quest to understand which traffic and audiences are not yet being accessed and what experience other advertisers have had with a given partner. Read More


Real-Time Traffic Verification

Advertisers have a fraud abatement tool where they define specific criteria for mobile ad campaign traffic and have a real-time feedback mechanism to understand the efficacy of their targeting based on traffic goals. Read More



SmartLink is a new Kochava tool that gives advertisers the power to auto-direct users to destinations based on factors like device platform, device operating system version, geography and even screen size. The SmartLink ensures that users land at the right destination and have the best possible experience. Read More


Largest Network Publisher Integration

Kochava customers enjoy more than 4,000+ certified network & publisher integrations including super publishers like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Google. Simply integrate your app with Kochava and begin running mobile ad campaigns on any integrated network the same day. Read More