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5 Ways Kochava Subscriptions Edges Out the Competition

By March 3, 2021August 18th, 2022Measurement & Attribution, News & Updates 4 Min Read

Kochava Subscriptions is a powerful tool for full holistic management of subscription revenue. Your brand can monitor extensive in-app events across multiple apps and subscription levels in one user-friendly platform. But there are a lot of subscription measurement offerings out there, how do you know which one is the right one for your business? Here are five reasons why Kochava Subscriptions takes the edge over the rest of the marketplace. 

1. Pre-churn Alerting

Unlike in other revenue models where the key performance indicator (KPI) is built around immediate action and ebbs and flows with high turnover rates, growth in subscription revenue relies on retention and loyalty. Kochava has created an industry first with its CancelGuard™ technology that alerts you when a user is about to churn, allowing time for you to reengage, recover, and continue their subscription lifecycle. Other competitors can only alert you after the user has canceled their subscription.

2. In-platform Engagement Tools

Engagement for subscription revenue companies is a huge part of maintaining long customer lifecycles. Think of the subscription purchase as a pact you have made with your customer. The app or subscription service itself is where you can show your appreciation. Using engagement tools, you can flourish that relationship with messaging, rewards, and more. Kochava’s holistic engagement toolset provides multivariate push testing, message scheduling, a suite of analytic metrics, and more. All of which can be found under one platform—reducing the amount of time you spend toggling back and forth between platforms. 

3. Row-level Reporting

Two reporting problems plague most subscriptions services in the marketplace. First, they offer reporting and analytics from various app or web purchasing platforms, but they require a fair amount of manual merging. This manual process may result in potential data loss or unmatchable data creating ambiguity. Second, the reporting offered only provides aggregated summary data that doesn’t really allow for a deeper understanding into your customers’ journeys, limiting the marketing optimization potential. Kochava Subscriptions gives row-level reporting across each of your integrated purchasing platforms creating an actionable data set.  

4. Universal Payment Processor Integration

Kochava Subscriptions’ universal processing system allows you to integrate with virtually any payment processor in the marketplace, including your own in-house platform. This includes the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and Stripe. Most other platforms can only integrate with two out of the three mentioned and only Kochava Subscriptions can integrate with a custom in-house platform. 

5. Strategic Services

Maximize your holistic subscriber retention and growth strategy with Kochava Foundry™ strategic services, a part of our Enterprise Subscriptions plan. This gives you access to advanced client analytics, made-to-order data visualizations, custom reports and analysis, and strategic planning. Normally you would have to onboard an additional third-party service for this type of resource. With Kochava Subscriptions and Foundry, you can receive a white-glove service under the same platform for seamless analyzation and comprehensive consulting. 

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