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Statistics show that reengagement campaigns have CTRs that are 3 to 10 times higher than with UA campaigns because your users have already been introduced to your brand or product. A retargeting campaign is a chance to convert those users who have installed your App and entered the funnel but have yet to convert. The first step in planning reengagement campaigns is creating your audience.

Here’s a use case example to create an audience of users who have begun a session in the past month, but have not completed a purchase. The process takes less than a minute, as you see from the video.

Segment an audience for reengagement

  1. Select your App(s). Go to App Tools, Analytics and select the Funnel from the view menu.
  2. Add your preferred events. In this case, we’re creating a funnel for users who have begun a session and created a purchase by adding “_SessionBegin” and “IN_APP_PURCHASE2” to identify users who have converted and have yet to convert.
  3. Export device IDs. Click on the 2.4% portion (these are the users who purchased), and export those device IDs for suppression, or exclusion. You’ve already won them over. Do the same for the remaining (97.6%) portion and export those IDs. Now you have your suppression and retargeting audiences! Deliver both lists to your network partners.

The above is a very simple example to illustrate the process of exporting a custom audience for a reengagement campaign. You can fine-tune your audience to meet your precise specifications. Further, you can save filter sets for streamlined access on an ongoing basis.