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Kochava, long renowned as the leader in mobile app attribution, introduces Web SDK—the bridge for in-app, mobile web, desktop and connected devices for cross-device tracking of your brand, giving you a holistic view of a user’s path to conversion.

Web SDK allows for the tracking of ad performance across all your channels: website, mobile, email, blogs or social media pages. A user who clicks on an ad from one channel but later purchases on the web or installs an app, is now completely trackable through the Kochava Analytics platform. Forget about exporting data from Google Analytics and Kochava to piece together ad spend, revenue or activity from web and mobile. You don’t have to treat users on the web and mobile separately anymore. Track them all with Kochava.

Web SDK + IdentityLink® = Cross-Device Tracking

Use Web SDK with IdentityLink® to create a single user ID for cross-device tracking on multiple platforms. IdentityLink® is what ties the web and mobile platforms together. It allows you to assign an internal ID that associates a user across connected devices and platforms like desktop and mobile. Enabling Web SDK is as simple as adding a pixel to the header of your existing web pages.

Whether a user enters the funnel via mobile or desktop, Web SDK in combination with IdentityLink® allows you to deterministically understand how spend on one platform impacts activities such as sign-up or purchase on another. This incremental visibility provides you a 360-degree view on marketing activities and facilitates your ability to make informed marketing decisions.

Web SDK is your holistic view of your marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at some real-world examples of how it works.

Use Case #1: Now that’s entertainment!

Kochava web SDK user flow from click to mobile site to complete purchase
“Dark Matter.” “1984.” Chris is a “books” guy. While waiting for his lunch order, he clicks on an Audible ad that pops up on his iPhone’s Facebook feed and registers on the mobile site. It’s not until he’s at home, though, that he visits the site again. This time, he’s on his laptop and subscribes for the service. Web SDK in combination with IdentityLink® allows Kochava to tie back the initial ad engagement on mobile to the subscription completed on desktop. Audible now has visibility into the true value of its mobile spend based on all downstream events across all platforms.

Use Case #2: When Uncle Sam says, “Pay up!”

Kochava web SDK user flow from click to mobile site to complete purchase
Spring is coming but so is April 15. Vivian’s a straight arrow at work and filing her taxes is high on her to-do list. She clicks on a Turbo Tax mobile ad and visits the mobile site. But she’s not ready to file on the phone. When she has her paperwork organized, she signs up for the service on her laptop. As part of this sign-up, a user ID is assigned. When Vivian later comes back and logs into Turbo Tax on her device to see the status of her return, Kochava is able to identify her as the same user that initially engaged with the Turbo Tax ad. Through the Kochava cross-platform offering, Turbo Tax now has a holistic view of how a mobile ad drove sign-up on the web and ongoing engagement through the mobile device

Use Case #3: Nice to e-meet you
Mark’s a social guy. But he likes to vet potential dating candidates on the Skout app first. He sees an ad and visits the site on his phone but subscribes to the service on his desktop. When Mark later returns to Skout on his mobile device to check the status of a date, Kochava is able to correlate that Marks’ activity on both desktop and mobile is a product of the initial Skout ad he saw.

Tie a bow on cross-device tracking with Analytics

Web SDK brings holistic measurement: Track your brand across mobile and web apps in one location with the Kochava platform. Select your web and mobile apps to monitor performance across devices, channels and platforms.

Leverage Analytics to understand which actions are being performed by users on each platform. Export IDs to create an audience segment for reengagement or send push notifications. Use Query for row-level data on user behavior between web and app.

Web SDK gives you the same configurable attribution you’ve had in mobile with the web. It is your unified and efficient solution for cross-device tracking.

For more information about enabling Web SDK, contact your account manager.