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Configurable attribution is one of the most powerful optimization tools for any user acquisition or app engagement campaign. Kochava has always had the most granular and robust attribution configuration giving users unparalleled customization at the partner level. Advertisers customize attribution rules, by publisher/network, which enables optimization of traffic and campaign types.

For example, advertisers may desire to differentiate incentivized and non-incentivized traffic to truly understand effectiveness, reach and ROI. Incentivized traffic has a much lower mean-time to install (MTTI) than non-incentivized traffic. Users who are incentivized to install will do so very quickly whereas users who install without incentive generally take more time to do so. The MTTI varies by platform, vertical, and source. Thus the lookback window for an incentivized campaign should be much shorter than a non-incentivized campaign to avoid paying for incidental installs not directly driven by the incentivized campaign.

With the introduction of Tracker Overrides, Kochava users enjoy not only the most robust configurable attribution but also the most granular. Now advertisers can optimize for a variety of different campaign and traffic types on a single network by creating a custom attribution configuration for each tracker.

Return on Ad Spend

ROAS can increase dramatically by editing your attribution configuration based on MTTI.

The reason we are so excited about Tracker Overrides for attribution configuration is that it will increase your return on ad spend (ROAS). Configurable attribution is about changing the balance between attributed and unattributed installs. By attributing the highest-intent users for a given campaign, the network is able to optimize toward the best users, and you are able to see a higher ROAS because you are only paying for exactly what you want.

Configurable attribution is only one feature in a suite of products to help your advertising dollars go further. Others include Fraud Detection, Traffic Verifier and Influencer reporting. To learn more about how Kochava can help you make more money, we invite you to take the 1% Challenge.

Nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why Kochava exposes numerous granular controls to advertisers ranging from privacy-oriented toggles to attribution configuration. Tracker overrides are simply the latest in this collection of controls that we provide to give advertisers total control of their marketing efforts.

Kochava is the first and only measurement platform to offer tracker-level configurable attribution. This means unprecedented power to ensure that your install attribution matches the traffic you are running.