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Kochava Product & Partnership Updates – April 2023

By May 10, 2023November 28th, 2023Product Updates 12 Min Read

Full SKAN 4.0 support released, Samsung Install Referrer, and more

Here’s a quick look back at some important Kochava updates from April.  

In this post, we’ll unpack more detail on the following: 

  • SKAdNetwork 4.0 support 
  • Reminder for SKAN integrated partners
  • Samsung Install Referrer
  • Human-readable keywords for Apple Search Ads 
  • New and updated partner integrations

Did you miss our March 2023 update? Read it HERE.

Full SKAdNetwork 4.0 support has arrived

In April, Kochava launched full support for the 4th generation of SKAN. Check out our official announcement and the SKAdNetwork 4.0 Prep Checklist that will walk you through the necessary implementation steps. We encourage all clients with iOS apps measured via Kochava to consult the checklist and connect with their client success manager, or with any questions.  

To learn more about Kochava’s SKAN solutions, visit

Reminder for SKAN integrated partners

The Kochava Integrations team continues proactive outreach to networks in the Kochava SKAdNetwork Certification Partner Program regarding required updates to send the new source identifier. Please contact with any questions. 

If you’re an ad network, DSP, or publisher supporting SKAdNetwork and have not yet joined our SKAdNetwork Certification Partner Program, please visit this support documentation or reach out to

Utilize Samsung Install Referrer

Kochava has added support for the Samsung Install Referrer (similar to Google’s Install Referrer, but for the Samsung Galaxy Store) on our native Android software development kit (SDK), and SDK wrappers (Cordova, Flutter, ReactNative, Unity, and Xamarin).

Galaxy Store logo

Please see the ‘Samsung Galaxy Store’ section in this support document for instructions on implementing support in your app(s). Install referrer data can be leveraged to more accurately attribute conversions on app installs where the installer package originates from the Samsung Galaxy Store, as opposed to the Google Play Store. 

For more information, please contact your client success manager or email

Unlock Apple Search Ads human-readable keywords

In our March update, we touched on the release of a significant update to our Apple Search Ads (ASA) integration that supports the retrieval of human-readable keywords from Apple’s ASA Campaign Management API. While many other MMPs charge incrementally for this feature, it’s included out-of-the-box for clients on our Advanced or Enterprise tiers. To enable this feature today for any iOS apps you measure with Kochava, please follow the steps outlined in this support document. Once activated, you will begin to see keyword names alongside the keyword IDs.

Apple Search Ads Credentials Kochava dashboard

NOTE: If you use Free App Analytics® or our Foundation plan and would like to learn more about this feature, please contact for upgrade options.

New partners and updated integrations

Below is a list of new partners that completed a first-time integration with Kochava in the month of April, as well as current partners that deployed updates to their existing integrations. 

New integrated partners:

  • Adgamamedia
  • AdHornet
  • AdsworthShare
  • adZsense digital
  • Banner traffic
  • Buzz Ads
  • Click2APK
  • cpileadmedia
  • Cubikey
  • drick
  • Econnectmobi
  • eksmedia
  • Goodjoy ads
  • GrowthAdsMedia
  • ImagineAds
  • Kapture
  • Leadmint
  • LOOTicON
  • Mobiaviator Media
  • mobsource
  • Moolar Media
  • Moonshot Marketing
  • The SocialEye
  • Wurl
  • Xool Media

Integrated partner updates:

  • Apogeemobi
  • Bidroid
  • Cauly
  • Clearpier Performance
  • Creatix Ventures
  • Explorads Ermoza 2
  • financeAds
  • Klay Media
  • Moca
  • MOCA Global
  • Myadsmantra
  • ppgok
  • Rupees Media
  • Trafficshark2
  • TUNE
  • Ventes Avenues

If you’re an ad network, DSP, or other partner looking to integrate with Kochava, please contact

For a list of all integrated networks and publishers, click here.


If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact your Client Success Manager or email

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