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Kochava Product & Partnership Updates – August 2022

By September 5, 2022May 4th, 2023News & Updates, Product Updates 16 Min Read

New Unity SDK available, cost support for TikTok, SKAd Insights enhancements, and more

The month of August went by too quickly, but ended happily with the return of the Kochava Short Bridge Swim along Sand Creek in Sandpoint, Idaho, for its 10th anniversary. It started in 2012, but was  skipped in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While most of the team chose to stay dry and watch comfortably from the docks, a brave bunch dove headlong into the cold lake water and swam to the opposite shore and back again. Congratulations to Jacob Manfred, Client Onboarding Manager at Kochava, who took the first place prize.

While the team tried to soak up the close of Summer, there was no lack of activity at Kochava. Our engineering, development, and integrations teams managed to release multiple product updates and process many new partner integrations. 

In this product update, we will touch on the following: 

  • New Unity SDK 
  • Kochava Cost support for TikTok
  • Enhancements to SKAdNetwork Insights Analytics
  • New and Updated Partner Integrations

Let’s unpack further details on each item below.

New Unity Software Development Kit (SDK) Available

Kochava Unity SDK v5.0.0 is now available. 

The Unity SDK got a significant overhaul with improvements to its usability, performance, and stability. With these changes, the minimum required version of the Unity SDK has increased to 2019.4, and the minimum .net runtime version has increased to 4.x equivalent.

For Android devices, the minimum support API level increased from 14 to 16. iOS devices will see an updated minimum Xcode version to 13.3.1 and a complete conversion of the wrapped native SDK code base from Obj-C to Swift.

A new privacy feature was also added which allows developers the ability to restrict data on a per-use basis.

Finally, the included JSON library has changed from JSONFX to NewtonSoft’s Json.NET (v13.0.1).

See full Unity SDK documentation here.

Kochava Cost support for TikTok

TikTok is the latest addition for support on Kochava Cost. This means that Kochava fully supports media spend data aggregation for TikTok for Business campaigns and complete campaign attribution and SKAdNetwork support.

Kochava Cost TikTok dashboard

The addition of TikTok to Kochava Cost helps marketers with:

  • A streamlined approach to calculating return on ad spend (ROAS) on TikTok campaigns versus your other media partners to optimize spend for the greatest growth impact.
  • Dissect performance data against new, cost-related metrics from country to campaign to creative.
  • And more! 

For more information on setting up integrations within your cost dashboard, follow this link to the related support documentation. Please note that RTB House was also added as a newly available partner for cost configuration in August.

Enhancements to SKAdNetwork Insights

The SKAdNetwork Insights dashboard within Kochava Analytics was improved to address reports from certain clients when trying to access performance data prior to June 2022.

This analytics page provides a visualization of SKAdNetwork ad and measurement data associated within a specific account or desired app(s). The top section of this view gives the ability to filter by app name, date range, media partners, and/or partner campaign names.

The second and main section of this view provides data tiles with the associated metric data as well as an interactive overview graph displaying the data over the selected timeframe. These data tiles include:

  • SKAdNetwork Installs
  • Click Match Percentage
  • Impression Match Percentage
  • Click Influencers
  • Impression Influencers
  • Reinstalls
  • Reinstall Percentage
  • In-App Conversions
  • In-App Conversion Percentage
Kochava SKAdNetwork insights dashboard

For more information, view the support documentation here.

New partners and updated integrations

The Kochava Integrations team successfully processed 46 new partner integrations in August and deployed requested updates across a host of others. A highlight list is below.

New integrated partners:

  • Admattic
  • ADSCHOLARS Marketing Management
  • Adscouch
  • Adshustle Media
  • Adsvigor
  • Advertmobi Digital
  • Aiplex
  • Akash Verma
  • Appjoy Media
  • Applead Media
  • Appsclicks
  • Aterru
  • Bestern Media
  • Cupshup
  • Demandesk
  • Digifox Innovations
  • Iris Media
  • Koneo 2
  • Kvrma
  • Mediaxpedia
  • Memob Audience
  • Mindgeeks Tech
  • Mobilynx
  • Mobisaturn
  • Mobiuspace
  • Mobviu
  • Optimidea Network Pvt Ltd
  • Performance Launchpad
  • Savatarr Technologies
  • SmartConnect
  • SMTP Mailers
  • SpiritAdsHub
  • Starmob Media
  • Tarsan MVAS
  • TheAdzDeals
  • Theadzplug
  • TrafficVenue
  • tvScientific
  • VastMedia
  • Vihit Digital
  • W. Digital B.V.
  • We24Seven Digital Media

Integrated partner updates:

  • Admitad
  • Adsbalance
  • AdTiming
  • Appocket
  • Bcnmonetize
  • BEdigitech
  • Hilltop Ads
  • IndusOS
  • Kaden
  • Mobilynx
  • Performance Launchpad
  • Samsung DSP
  • Stellarmobi


If you’re an ad network, demand-side platform, or other partner looking to integrate with Kochava, please contact

For a list of all integrated networks and publishers, click here.