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Kochava Product & Partnership Updates – February 2023

By March 6, 2023March 9th, 2023Product Updates 15 Min Read

New iOS SDK for SKAd 4.0 Support, Kochava Summit 2023 wrapped, and more

February witnessed the long-awaited return of the in-person Kochava Summit in beautiful Sandpoint, ID from February 14-16. We want to extend a special thanks to all guests in attendance  as well as our sponsors. 

Please visit to view the full agenda, access session content, read the Kochava Summit 2023 Trends Report, and/or join the waitlist for 2024.

Here are other big milestones from February that we’re excited to unpack in this update: 

  • New iOS SDK with SKAdNetwork v4.0 support
  • SKAdNetwork 4.0 updates for integrated network partners
  • Machine Advertising acquisition and Always-On Incremental Measurement
  • Android SDK updates related to the Samsung Galaxy Store
  • Reminder on required Android SDK updates
  • Reminder on iAd deprecation as of February 7th
  • New and updated partner integrations

Did you miss our January 2023 update? Read it HERE.

Introducing Kochava iOS SDK v7 with SKAd 4.0 support

The march of progress continues on our roll-out of support for SKAdNetwork 4.0. In our last post, we touched on our updates to support the ingestion and reporting of postbacks sent for ads signed with SKAdNetwork 4.0 signatures encompassing the new source identifier with related partner campaign mapping. 

Now, we’re excited to announce the launch of Kochava iOS SDK v7 which has support built-in for the SKAdNetwork 4.0 updates we will be releasing later in April across the platform. Please coordinate with your app developers to review the iOS SDK documentation and schedule integration updates for your iOS apps ahead of our full production support roll-out. Having this updated iOS SDK in place will be a prerequisite to take advantage of SKAd 4.0’s new features and configurations in your Kochava account dashboard once they’re made available (e.g., coarse grained conversion values, multiple postbacks, lock window handling, etc.). The new SDK is fully backward compatible with prior versions of SKAdNetwork and early integration will not impact existing SKAdNetwork functionality.

Please keep in mind that your ad network partner(s) will need to first support signing ads with v4.0, as the ad signature is the catalyst for 4.0 postbacks. Contact your Client Success Manager or email for questions.

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SKAd 4.0 updates for integrated partners

The Kochava Integrations team has initiated proactive outreach to networks in the Kochava SKAdNetwork Certification Partner Program regarding required updates to send the new source identifier. We will need to receive this value in the parameter skad_source_identifier on all clicks and impressions. This can be manually added, or if partners have a macro for this, we can formally add it to your template. Please contact with questions. 

If you’re an ad network, DSP, or publisher supporting SKAdNetwork and have not yet joined our SKAdNetwork Certification Partner Program, please visit this support documentation or reach out to

Machine Advertising is now part of Kochava

Do you have interest in integrating incrementality and marketing mix modeling (MMM) into your media strategy planning? You’re not alone, but like most other marketers you’ve probably found it’s too cumbersome and complicated. Kochava sees that barrier to entry as one of THE problems in the ad tech industry today. We believe incrementality and MMM should be simple and approachable.

In February, Kochava acquired Machine Advertising. You can read the exclusive on VentureBeat here. Founder & CEO, Gary Danks, spoke at the Kochava Summit, highlighting the shifting landscape of advertising in this privacy-first age and why their Always-On Incremental Measurement (AIM) platform is a next-generation approach to MMM.

AIM provides:

  • Daily incrementality insights for spend optimization
  • Accurate predictive modeling
  • Scenario and budget planning
  • Easy setup with Kochava Network Reports & Cost Data

You can learn more about the AIM platform by reaching out to your Client Success Manager or emailing to be connected with our AIM experts.

AIM dashboard

Upgrade your Kochava Android SDK version to 3.11 or above

Google is working toward its enforcement deadline relating to the updated Google Play policy that prohibits collection of both the ADID and Android ID in tandem. If you’re measuring Android apps with Kochava and have any apps leveraging an Android SDK version that’s less than v3.11, please update your integration ASAP to use version 3.11 or higher.

As always, we recommend being on the most recent SDK version to include all of the latest features and capabilities.

If you have an app in distribution using an SDK version older than 3.11, you may receive, or have already received, messaging from Google Play on this matter. Feel free to contact your Client Success Manager or email if you need help running a check across your Android apps. 

In addition, you may read this prior blog post related to Google’s update policy.

iAd deprecation was on February 7th

In late December, Apple advised that it was going to deprecate the iAd framework for Apple Search Ads (ASA) on February 7th, 2023. If you have not already upgraded your Kochava iOS SDK to a version that enables ASA attribution via the new AdServices framework, then you’re no longer compatible to receive attribution on your ASA campaigns. Please make required SDK updates ASAP. The minimum Kochava iOS SDK version with AdServices support is v4.4.0. 

Please see this prior post for more information related to Kochava support for the AdServices framework.

New partners and updated integrations

The Kochava Integrations team successfully processed 32 new partner integrations in January and deployed requested updates across a host of others. A highlight list is below. 

New integrated partners:

  • Ad Growth
  • Adalgodigital
  • Appflix Media
  • Blockboard
  • Boostyd Interactive
  • Click Orbits
  • Cue7ven DigiMark
  • FPK marketing
  • Futuretech Media
  • Hailink
  • Indian Campaign
  • Lemmonet International
  • marlinads
  • Mediafarm
  • Mobsonic
  • Mobtray Digital India
  • MobvableAd
  • Ovalio
  • PivoMob
  • Positivo Tecnologia S/A
  • QuyoAds
  • revu
  • RichardsMedia
  • Sidelines Group
  • SRDigix
  • TBM Groups
  • TextNow, Inc.
  • xoomads
  • Zemads Media

Integrated partner updates:

  • Ad Growth
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adomobi
  • Adquant Apple Search
  • Adquant Apple Search Ads
  • Adyogis Ventures
  • Akash Verma
  • Alphamob
  • Apptimus
  • Clickadu
  • Clickadu
  • Commission Factory
  • CPI Droid
  • DemandScale
  • Digimotive
  • Fuzeclick
  • Fuzeclick Inc
  • kwaiforbusiness
  • Lambadapp
  • Liftoff
  • Litchiads
  • Mintegral
  • MobSuccess
  • Moca
  • MOCA Global
  • Offergate
  • Ohoo!Ads
  • PrimeRoll Media
  • QuyoAds
  • RevX
  • Sandbox Ads
  • Target Media Ads
  • Theadzplug
  • TikTok for Business
  • Ventes Avenues
  • Wuzzon

If you’re an ad network, demand-side platform, or other partner looking to integrate with Kochava, please contact

For a list of all integrated networks and publishers, click here.


If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact your Client Success Manager or email

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