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Kochava Product & Partnership Updates – October 2022

By November 9, 2022News & Updates, Product Updates 12 Min Read

iOS 16.1 & SKAdNetwork 4.0, Product Updates, and more

In the upper Pacific Northwest at Kochava’s HQ in the beautiful resort town of Sandpoint, the cold and snow came almost as suddenly as Apple’s release of iOS 16.1 and SKAdNetwork 4.0. Thankfully, though, neither the snow nor Apple’s news was unwelcome, and we can begin to prepare for more updates that will undoubtedly materialize in the near future.

In this product update, we will touch on the following: 

  • iOS 16.1 and SKAdNetwork 4.0
  • General platform updates
  • Google Marketing Platform integration
  • New and updated partner integrations

Let’s unpack further details on each item below.

iOS 16.1 & SKAdNetwork news

On October 24th, Apple’s release of iOS 16.1 brought  forth SKAdNetwork 4.0 with new updates and details related to:

  • Restrictions on attribution support for web ads
  • Conversion postback configurability and delays
  • Crowd anonymity tiers
  • And more

Learn about the changes and impacts of SKAdNetwork 4.0 by registering for our webinar, The Rundown on SKAdNetwork 4.0 Updates

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With Xcode 14.1 released in early November, our developers are working on an updated iOS software development kit (SDK) to fully support advertisers on the next iteration of SKAdNetwork. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on SDK releases and guidance on any next steps you need to take.

If you are looking for more information on SKAdNetwork 4.0, read our recently published blog.

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Other noteworthy platform updates

Kochava Cost continues to support more media partners each month. In October, Tapjoy joined the list of integrations with our cost aggregation tool. Learn more about Cost and all of its integrations on our support documentation.

You may have noticed the streamlined left-hand navigation with spacing minimization allowing more area for our ever-expanding menu of platform tools.

updated kochava platform

Lastly, there have been numerous updates and various enhancements to our library of SDKs. Find the latest SDKs HERE. If you have any questions about your current integrated SDK version and whether you need to upgrade, reach out to your Client Success Manager or email

Google Marketing Platform (GMP) integration

In October, we rolled out a big update to the GMP DV360 and CM360 integration and are now passing dynamic uVars or custom floodlight variables that advertisers can use across over-the-top (OTT) and mobile campaigns to pass meta data, such as show and episode titles, custom IDs and more. uVars can be populated dynamically and will surface in the GMP dashboard for reporting purposes and applications for remarketing segmentation. Learn more from our related support documentation here.

New partners and updated integrations

The Kochava Integrations team successfully processed 40 new partner integrations in October and deployed requested updates across a host of others. A highlight list is below.

New integrated partners:

  • Aanicca Ventures Inc
  • Adinterest
  • admobs
  • AdsPayMedia PVT LTD
  • AdStand
  • Advertise
  • Aeonadz
  • Affnet Marketing Media
  • Amigo Media
  • AppGok
  • AppMarket Media
  • Arshiya Infosolutions PVT. LTD.
  • Bidmatrix
  • Bonjour Techies
  • CongruentAds
  • CY
  • CyberKick
  • Digimcorp
  • Digimotive
  • Digital Reef
  • Erin Labs
  • Global Ad Media LLC
  • Goldlead
  • Midoweb
  • Offergate
  • offersix
  • Panda
  • Pando
  • Performco Media
  • PR Media
  • RiverTraffic
  • SK Planet
  • Triumph Ads
  • vfun

Integrated partner updates:

  • Adelphic
  • Checket Net
  • El Infinito
  • Glispa
  • InMobi
  • Kakao
  • Mobidiscover Digital Media
  • Nutzz
  • Reddit
  • RichAds – Push
  • SeedApp
  • Spyke Media
  • Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network
  • Yandex.Direc

If you’re an ad network, demand-side platform, or other partner looking to integrate with Kochava, please contact

For a list of all integrated networks and publishers, click here.


If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact your Client Success Manager or email

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