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Kochava Product & Partnership Updates – September 2022

By October 5, 2022News & Updates, Product Updates 14 Min Read

iOS 16 is here, SKAdNetwork still TBD, Privacy Block, and more

Autumn has arrived in North Idaho. The leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter, and the mornings require an extra layer of clothing. Apart from the weather, this new season has brought the latest iOS release and Kochava updates.

In this product update, we will touch on the following: 

  • iOS 16 is here – SKAdNetwork 4.0 still TBD
  • Privacy Block released
  • Updates for Kochava Cost
  • New and updated partner integrations

Let’s unpack further details on each item below.

iOS 16 and SKAdNetwork

September has become an anticipated month for iOS releases and this month was no different. Apple unveiled iOS 16 on September 12 with a host of new features, products, and updates. While there are a lot of changes with iOS 16, SKAdNetwork 4.0 is still unavailable. There is no release date for it yet, but it is anticipated to come out with a subversion of iOS 16 in the near future.

blog ios scaled

No Kochava SDK update is required for the latest version of iOS 16; however, when SKAdNetwork 4.0 arrives, an updated iOS SDK will be needed. Until then, find out what is changing with SKAdNetwork 4.0 with our free on-demand webinar.

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Kochava Privacy Block™

Earlier this month, we released Kochava Privacy Block™. Privacy Block is an always-on, privacy-preserving tool applied across all data related to sensitive locations within The Collective data marketplace. It’s built on privacy-safe zones established around sensitive locations that are personal and private. Using these safe zones, Privacy Block automatically removes location information from inside sensitive location perimeter buffers within the US. Through collaboration with trusted data providers, institutions, and regulators, we can continue to ensure the quality, consented, privacy-safe location data that marketers and analysts rely on every day.

Sensitive location types enforced by Privacy Block include, but are not limited to: 

  • Health and wellness service centers and clinics
  • Religious institutions
  • Schools
  • Financial credit institutions
  • Federal buildings
  • Correctional institutions
  • Dependency and addiction treatment centers 
  • Homeless shelters
  • Halfway houses 

For more information on Privacy Block, check out this blog or request more information by visiting

Updates to Kochava Cost

The list of media partners supported for Kochava’s cost aggregation tools continues to grow. In September, updates were made to the integration with Jampp to support additional cost data fields, including: platform, site name, site ID, partner app, and ad type. 

Optimizations were also made to cost integrations with for Facebook and Unity Ads.

cost data explorer

To begin tracking your media spend alongside your Kochava measurement and attribution data, reach out to your Client Success Manager or email

New partners and updated integrations

The Kochava Integrations team successfully processed 57 new partner integrations in September and deployed requested updates across a host of others. A highlight list is below.

New integrated partners:

  • Adinall
  • Adobrain
  • Adsflourish
  • AdsJoy Digital
  • Advisable
  • Adzicon_S
  • Affilsoft
  • AgamiDigital
  • AgamiDigital
  • Applabs Media PTE LTD
  • BharatMetro Digital Services Private Limited
  • BigAdsPromos
  • Checket Net
  • Chromoads Media
  • Coinads
  • Confinity
  • Creatix Ventures
  • DangleAds
  • Digiads Global
  • EnactAd Media Pvt Ltd
  • Exito Global
  • Experts Digital Media
  • Flickstree
  • Go2Top IT
  • Hehemobi
  • Hi5 Mobi
  • IDEA
  • Instantmetric
  • Joinship
  • Jubilant Work of Wonders Pvt Ltd
  • KaAdMedia
  • Loot Campaign
  • Lynxads Media
  • Marcadeo
  • Merithut
  • Mesotap Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mini Digital Media
  • Mobgrow
  • Mobiprofit
  • Mobivity
  • Native Monetize
  • Offercape
  • Oplifi
  • Prudent Ads
  • Swirl-Ads
  • The Trade Desk
  • Touchpoint
  • Trafficshark2
  • tvScientific
  • Uprise Media
  • Wild Bear Ads
  • Willowad
  • WPM
  • Xonads
  • Zettamobi Technology (OPC) Private Limited

Integrated partner updates:

  • Antiek Digital Media
  • Apricot Ads
  • Clickadu
  • Digital Turbine Media
  • Evolve Performance Media
  • HicMobile
  • Kaden
  • Mesotap Services Pvt Ltd.
  • MobAvenue
  • Mobiuspace
  • Mobivity
  • Mobviu Media
  • Purify Digital
  • The Trade Desk
  • tvScientific

If you’re an ad network, demand-side platform, or other partner looking to integrate with Kochava, please contact

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If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact your Client Success Manager or email

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