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Measuring Users on Connected Measurement Devices

By December 2, 2021March 10th, 2023News & Updates 28 Min Read

Capture user engagement on smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming sticks and boxes

Connected TV (CTV) measurement is the process of collecting and analyzing data gathered from user engagement and advertising campaigns on CTV devices. CTV devices can be directly internet enabled (eg, Vizio and Samsung smart TVs) or can be devices that plug into a TV (eg, Roku or Fire TV stick) to stream content “over the top” of the internet.

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With so many CTV devices and platforms on the market and more appearing regularly, attempting to holistically capture user engagement can seem quite daunting for the developers and marketers working with TV streaming and entertainment services. Kochava makes it easy, by offering a host of turnkey software development kit (SDK) integrations across these devices and platforms.

Meet the Kochava OTT SDK library for measuring CTV

For platforms not listed here, Kochava provides alternate integration support, including server-to-server integration. Learn more here.

Cross-device & cross-platform identity resolution with IdentityLink®

Since most TV streaming and entertainment apps (eg, Disney+, Paramount+, Peacock, Discovery+, etc.) that operate on connected TV devices are also available on non-CTV devices (eg, mobile, tablet, and desktop), Kochava also supports TV measurement on those device platforms. This facilitates the capture of all user engagement from all potential touchpoints where your app/service is available.

During integration, marketers are encouraged to work closely with their developers to ensure all post-install events necessary to monitoring campaign performance and user engagement are being measured.

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With SDKs integrated into your apps and measuring full funnel engagement across platforms and devices, you can start truly understanding your users. Kochava IdentityLink®, an identity resolution tool, then allows you to connect user identity (eg, user ID, subscriber ID, etc.) to device-level behavior (e.g. app install, free trial, paid subscription, content view, etc.) to gain a clear picture of the user journey across all touchpoints on CTV and non-CTV devices. Knowing where users interact with content and the connections between those interactions provides marketers with a more holistic view of the user journey.

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After creating well-rounded user profiles, it’s easier to deliver personalized and relevant content to the user. IdentityLink also provides targeting intelligence which makes it easier to target ads to specific users within a household or suppress ads to users, devices, or households where the content is irrelevant or unneeded.

Making the cross-screen connection on ad campaigns

Ask us about our certified integrations with Roku, Vizio, and other CTV advertising partners that support cross-device and cross-platform attribution. As more and more users browse content on a second device (often mobile) while watching TV, their conversions on ad campaigns may cross screens as well.

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For example, while an ad for Disney+ on a Roku TV may prompt the user to install the Disney+ app on that same Roku device (known as a same-screen conversion), it may also prompt the user to download the Disney+ app on the mobile phone or tablet device in their hand. Being able to measure both same-screen and cross-screen conversions is vital to knowing the true impact of your ad spend on CTV and OTT.

Mitigate user churn with subscription intelligence

Understanding user behavior doesn’t end with cross-device measurement or even IdentityLink. With most TV streaming and entertainment apps running on a subscription monetization model, Kochava Subscriptions provides unmatched intelligence at a subscriber level. Unlike the anonymized, aggregated data offered by the major app stores, marketers can measure the complete user subscription lifecycle at the subscriber level, from install to free trial, to paid subscription to renewal, even to cancellation and recovery.

Get notified when subscribers are about to churn through Kochava CancelGuard™. This tool will send an alert when a subscriber’s payment method has failed/expired or when auto-renew is turned off. Marketers can then re-target and recover subscribers mitigating overall churn and improving retention and lifetime value.

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Kochava Subscriptions allows for integration of multiple payment processors (e.g. Google, Apple, Swipe, etc.) under one platform, with support included for custom payment processing solutions as well.


For OTT apps running on CTV devices, it is important to have a centralized measurement platform that aids in capturing holistic user engagement and optimizing marketing efforts. Kochava’s extensive tools and solutions like IdentityLink and CancelGuard, boost the likelihood of successful campaigns and improve user lifetime value (LTV).

Learn more about measuring your app users on CTV devices (or non-CTV devices) by contacting us or sending an email to

Interested in learning more about OTT and CTV? Download the free introduction to OTT and CTV guide here.