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MoPub Introduces Real-time Impression Level Revenue Data for Ad Views

By May 21, 2019August 18th, 2022News & Updates 3 Min Read

MoPub, a Twitter company providing monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and developers, announced this week the release of impression-level revenue data for publishers in real-time, enabling immediate capture of the value of an ad impression when it’s served to a user in the app. Kochava customers who monetize on ad view revenue and run with MoPub can now include the ad view revenue in their event data stream.

With the ability to precisely track ad view revenue, along with other forms of in-app revenue, marketers can achieve holistic measurement of revenue to understand the True LTV of their users.

When True LTV is paired with Kochava’s cost measurement integrations, marketers can extrapolate a more accurate and comprehensive return on ad spend (ROAS).

Marketers can also leverage this data to segment audiences by users with high ad revenue monetization in order to build lookalike audiences to find other similar users and drive greater growth.

“Ad view revenue is becoming an increasingly popular form of app monetization for publishers. Kochava customers can process this enhanced data stream from MoPub immediately, empowering optimization of total revenue data to a new depth of granularity.” –Mark Kellogg, head of product operations at Kochava.

As a proponent of clean signal and the full spectrum of data being shared with customers, Kochava applauds MoPub for adding this enhanced capability and is pleased to offer our joint customers the ability to make full use of the added data.

For information about MoPub’s impression-level revenue data, read more here. For information about using Kochava True LTV, see our support documentation or contact us.