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Trim Ad Budgets Without Sacrificing Quality Customer Growth

By December 19, 2022December 21st, 2022Education, Measurement & Attribution 21 Min Read

Discover your media partner’s bottom line value with Incremental Intent

Tumultuous markets, supply-chain bottlenecks, and global instability are causing economic headaches for the industry’s biggest and smallest companies. Despite global advertising spend being predicted to exceed one trillion US dollars by 2026, marketers around the globe are facing an unprecedented challenge: trim ad spend, in some cases by as much as 50%, across the board. Doing this without decimating quality customer acquisition may seem impossible; in fact, the IAB’s 2023 Outlook Survey says that 13% of marketers are no longer budgeting for the long term, and 63% are approaching media planning with a higher frequency of evaluations and re-forecasting due to downward budget pressure and market dynamism. But what if it wasn’t an impossible scenario? What if you could cut user acquisition budgets without losing quality customer growth at an equal magnitude?

Our team of expert analysts has helped marketing teams at the largest Fortune 500 companies take a scalpel to their omni-channel media mix. By applying our proprietary data and incrementality analysis, we help identify and eliminate areas of excess spending while retaining quality customer growth during a period of high inflation. 

The impossible is now possible with Incremental Intent – a Kochava Foundry™ Insights Pack.


Insights Packs dispatch a Foundry expert to analyze your unique marketing mix and write a custom report just for you. Receive your analysis as quickly as one business day, including an executive summary with recommended actions, a workbook, and the supporting data used in the analysis. These cost-effective packs require no obligation or commitment to future services and offer a full money-back guarantee if the recommendations do not result in improvements in your performance marketing.

To request more details on ordering an Insights Pack, contact your Client Success Manager or email

Lead with Intent

Incremental Intent provides an additional layer of visibility into performance and cost, measuring the likeliness a user would have become a customer if the winning attribution had not occurred. It suggests budget allocation improvements that increase your reach for every advertising dollar. 

As a marketer, you know that not every install or customer claimed by a network was impacted by their advertising. With this Insight Pack, you can calculate the offset and optimize your spend toward maximal advertising impact. 

Let’s further explore this concept below. You can also watch Grant Simmons, VP of Kochava Foundry, unpack the power of incremental intent in this video.

How do you decide which network gets the chopping block?

Historically, budget cuts are determined by comparing customer acquisition cost (CAC) between networks. Brands may choose to cut the costs associated with the highest CAC, eliminating that source(s) entirely. Considering this, let’s play out a scenario.

You’ve just been told your ad budget is getting cut, so you compare Network A, and Network B. Network A has a lower CAC of $20, while Network B has a higher CAC of $25. Following simple logic, you would cut Network B and move on with your life. But that decision is not fully informed.

ad budget table

What about the customers from Network B? How much loss of potential revenue are you facing because of your decision? Without that information, your networks with lower CACs in actuality may be costing you more than you think.

Reduce costs while sustaining growth

Incremental Intent’s sophisticated approach involves three main concepts; proximity, intent, and causality. This makes it possible to determine between users that engage with your ad and are likely to become customers versus users that trigger a non-causal conversion.

Proximity x Intent = Causality

Audiences are grouped into two categories: proximity and intent.

smartphone timer
Proximity This correlates to the time from a user’s ad interaction to a conversion response. Incremental Intent analyzes customer groupings across proximity bands to determine reaction rates.
smartphone timer
Intent This corresponds to the user’s interaction with the ad and whether it prompted a conversion response.

Proximity x Intent = Ad Responsiveness

By calculating these dimensions, incremental intent can determine the responsiveness of a user to your ad. Depending on your brand’s markers for success, you can adjust your budget, strategies, etc., accordingly with recommended actions from the Kochava Foundry Insight Pack.

Determining your brand’s quality

Knowing the user’s responsiveness to your ads is only important if your brand has defined its quality. Quality should be unique to the services and skills your brand provides. For example, if your brand is a streaming service, your quality might be “episodes watched.” 

CLTV of high-medium low value customer segment graph

Once your quality is defined, spend can be modified to target more or less of the customers that meet those criteria for quality.

Customer cohorts

The combination of incrementality, quality, proximity and intent produces a range of customer cohorts, helping you clearly see the type of customers your different media partners deliver. Using these cohorts, marketers can identify with what partners and channels they should decrease, maintain, or increase their marketing budget.

Customer cohorts graph
eye icon
Influenced Customers within this segment are the highest-performing. This segment demonstrates high quality, proximity & intent, and incrementality. Ad dollars are best spent here.
beaker icon
Testers Customers within this segment need to be treated with ads to trigger a conversion. This segment shows high incrementality, proximity & intent but suffers in quality.
search icon
Search Customers within this segment are compelled by upper/lower-funnel ads or protected keywords. While this segment can be high-performing, it’s typically over-attributed.
leaf icon
Organic Customers within this segment have triggered a conversion with your brand without the influence of paid media. With the Incremental Intent tool, your brand can retain organic customers during budget cuts.
handshake icon
Incentivized Customers within this segment are part of generated traffic. Avoid paying a premium price for traffic by utilizing the Incremental Intent tool.
robot icon
Bots This segment contains bad actors and bot farms. Their purpose ranges from generating clicks and impressions to artificially inflating advertising revenue.

Save your bacon with Incremental Intent

Incremental Intent identifies key segments across every network to minimize user loss and increase spend efficiency.

To order the Incremental Intent Insights Pack from Kochava Foundry, contact your Client Success Manager or email