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Mobile ad fraud is a hot topic. A year ago, major studies on ad fraud were predominantly focused on digital marketing on desktop. As of late, the focus is on mobile, understandably because it’s the primary mode of communication for everyone, so fraudsters are drawn to it.

Kochava first began monitoring their customers’ campaigns for fraudulent activity through a series of manual reports back in 2015. Those same algorithms now create the Fraud Console reports that marketers can access in real time in addition to use of the Global Fraud Blocklist so they can take action on fraudulent or suspicious activity before they pay for it.

Last month, Kochava launched Fraud Console for Networks, as ad networks work with numerous publishers and sub-publishers that may be affected by fraud. InMobi was one of the first to start using the Fraud Console in an effort to protect their client’s traffic from fraud. To continue educating themselves and both our clients, they’re hosting a webinar with Kochava on what the industry can do to prevent mobile ad fraud.

Join us, Wednesday, July 26th at 11 a.m. (PST) as Raymund Bautista, Head of Strategic Partnerships at InMobi and Grant Simmons, Director of Client Analytics at Kochava, discuss how each company addresses mobile ad fraud. It’s a topic that is uniting the industry to create ethical standards to abide by.

To register for the webinar “A Cure for Ad-Fraud: Turning Fraud Detection into Fraud Prevention,” visit