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Kochava offers the most robust measurement for connected devices, hands down. But what about all the other aspects of your app strategy — Multi-variate testing, CRM integration, email marketing, push messaging and any number of other valuable tools? Kochava makes it easy for you to syndicate your data with complete control over which partners receive specific data points.


Having the opportunity to work with the advertisers who are running the largest campaigns in the world gives us unique insight on the mobile advertising ecosystem. Throughout the thousands of campaigns, billions of installs and tens of billions of dollars in ad spend that we have measured, one thing has become exceptionally clear—having the flexibility to dynamically configure and filter the data that is syndicated to partners, networks and agencies is the lifeblood of any successful campaign. If you are treating all data syndication equally, exposing sensitive or proprietary information or not giving serious consideration of which data is sent to specific partners, start now.

Step 5. Maximize the value of Kochava with unlimited free postbacks

Kochava is the proven leader in attribution and analytics (after all, the top apps and brands in the world use our tools) because we have the most innovative platform that puts advertisers in control of their data. The Kochava postback engine extends this control to the data you syndicate to other marketing partners. Not only can you configure which aspects of your app get sent, but a vendor change no longer requires an app update—simply turn off one postback and configure another—no app update needed!

Pro Tip: Use Kochava as your integrated marketing platform to syndicate your data to third parties like your push provider and CRM.

Data syndication via postbacks are an integral part of every successful app strategy but not all partners need to access your entire data. In addition, these companies act like operators passing and connecting information from the networks to us. What you may not realize is that Kochava already does the same thing, and we store that data, whereas other providers are limited in their data storage capabilities.

With the Kochava SDK, you get one comprehensive, configurable and powerful signaling capability that’s integrated with a wealth of media partners. When postbacks fail, Kochava stores that information. Advertisers can set in their dashboard how many times to retry failed postbacks; keep track of postbacks by partner; delay postback delivery in the event of unauthorized, incentivized installs or setup custom postbacks. Kochava postbacks reveal the meaning between attribution and post-install events. Kochava Analytics visualizes that correlation so you can better understand your app’s performance and plan your marketing strategy.

In this series, we’ve discussed, event tracking, cost analysis, holistic strategic analysis, reengagement and now postbacks. These are the common elements to a winning app strategy that give you insight to user behavior and app activity.

The takeaway

The Kochava platform provides value far beyond measurement. The configurable, real-time postback engine means you can leverage the Kochava SDK to syndicate your data to partners. Because you can send unlimited free postbacks, you can do all of this without any additional cost.