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What is Privacy Block™?

By September 20, 2022News & Updates 4 Min Read

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Privacy Block is an additional layer of protection for consumers’ sensitive location data.

What does it do?

Privacy Block’s express purpose is to block any sensitive location data from Kochava’s data marketplace, the Collective. Privacy Block is an automatic feature applied across the board to all our data marketplace services. In collaboration with independent providers of points of interest (POI) identification, the sensitive location categorization enforced by Privacy Block includes but is not limited to: health and wellness service centers and clinics, religious institutions, schools, financial credit institutions, federal buildings, correctional institutions, dependency and addiction treatment centers, homeless shelters, halfway houses and more.

How does it work?

Privacy Block is built on privacy-safe zones established around locations that are inherently personal and private. Using these safe zones, Privacy Block removes location information from inside millions of sensitive location perimeter buffers within the US. By flagging and deleting this data, we ensure the data you receive from the Collective data marketplace respects the privacy of your potential customers while you continue to make meaningful new connections through your advertising and data-driven business decisions.

Who is protected?

Privacy Block provides protection for all consumers whose data is housed in the Kochava Collective.

Why Privacy Block?

The data privacy landscape remains complex, particularly as regulations vary from region to region or state to state. Mobile device platforms already require consent from end-users in order to gather location, but that is no longer enough. Privacy Block creates an extra layer of protection for sensitive location data. Through collaboration with trusted data providers, institutions, and regulators, we can continue to ensure the quality, consented, privacy-safe location data that marketers and analysts rely on every day.

Where does the Kochava Collective get its precision location data?

Precise location data within the Kochava Collective is solely sourced from trusted, premium, third-party providers which enforce strict user consent requirements. No precision location data is sourced from Kochava enterprise measurement customers or the Kochava software development kits (SDKs) leveraged by brands for app measurement and campaign attribution purposes.

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