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Introducing the Kochava Authorized Partner Program

By March 31, 2021August 18th, 2022Measurement & Attribution, News & Updates 4 Min Read

Helping agencies use the Kochava Marketers Operating System® (m/OS) to grow their clients’ apps

In an effort to continue our mission of facilitating marketing efforts for large and small businesses alike, we are introducing the Kochava Authorized Partner Program to help agencies use Kochava to grow their clients’ apps. Through the program, agencies will be trained in the Kochava Marketers Operating System® (m/OS), the marketing foundation for some of the world’s biggest brands. 

No time like the present to use Kochava

The advertising industry is currently undergoing transformative changes with the way consumer data is collected. Currently, adtech is grappling with how to advertise and understand the user journey with respect to Apple’s new data privacy policies and its pending AppTracking Transparency (ATT) framework. With the rollout of iOS 14.5, marketers must prompt for user consent for ad tracking purposes. The new OS version brings about a whole new way of marketing and requires specific tools necessary to comply with Apple’s policies, but this is where Kochava thrives—in probing the intricacies of industry changes and providing the necessary tools so that marketers don’t have to. In other words, we do the heavy lifting for you.

How Kochava helps brands

Since our inception, Kochava has been developing tools for the supply and demand side of the advertising industry. We are the backbone of marketing campaigns, collecting data on behalf of marketers for attribution and measurement so that they better understand the customer journey and return on investment (ROI). Over the years, we’ve developed a comprehensive anti-fraud suite, consumer identity and audience building tools, and more recently, a subscription management system and a heavy focus on building tools and support materials to comply with Apple’s User Privacy and Data Use policy that will change advertising once iOS 14.5 is released. Our mission is to help marketers succeed by becoming experts and facilitating their work in supporting a brand’s growth.

How the Kochava Authorized Program works

Kochava is revered in the industry for its customer service and detailed data visualizations it provides. When you sign on to become a Kochava Authorized Partner, you will be trained in three discovery sessions, one of them being the foundation course of measurement and attribution. Courses include:

Once you become a Kochava Authorized Partner, you will be listed as such in the Kochava Media Index, the largest advertising database in the world. We’ll also help you spread the word through a press release, badging, and marketing materials.

Show brands you have the expertise to help their revenue grow as a Kochava Authorized Partner. Contact for more information.