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If you follow tech news, I’m sure you saw that linking platform, Branch, acquired TUNE’s mobile attribution client base. We knew this was a possibility as we had been in talks with TUNE as well. To all those TUNE customers whose attribution provider just became a linking platform, I say come see why we’re trusted by some of the biggest brands.

In a recent post on Medium, I’ve published an open letter inviting them to consider our platform. An excerpt of my letter is included below, but you can read the full article here.

On the day after the news that Branch acquired Tune’s mobile attribution business, I wanted to take this opportunity to share insights and history on one of the more peculiar business relationships we have had at Kochava and to highlight ways we have spent the last year to serve select Tune customers.

While Tune has historically been a competitor, the last year has brought interesting opportunities to mutually support the needs of Tune customers. As a bit of history, after Facebook removed Tune from the Facebook MMP Program in February 2014, Tune did an impressive job to minimize churn and convinced many of their customers that they’d be invited back into the program. During that time, Kochava (and other MMP’s) experienced tremendous growth — but there were many customers who remained with Tune along the way. At that same time, we observed further market maturation as advanced measurement providers separated themselves from commodity providers.

At Kochava, we quickly gained a reputation as the company who provided advanced tools for advanced configurable attribution, fractional attribution, fraud abatement and platform-wide feature-rich tools that link all aspects of understanding audience for advertisers.

Despite our good relationship with Tune and the preemptive development work we did to ensure a smooth transition — an acquisition deal wasn’t able to happen. We didn’t buy Tune’s customer contracts, but we would like to earn your business.

The Branch/Tune transaction dictates that a migration of Tune customers off of TMC is inevitable — don’t miss the opportunity to evaluate and choose the best solution rather than accept an inferior toolset without question.

In summary:

  • We have tools built and ready to support migration — today,
  • We have a platform that prioritizes on feature richness and ongoing innovation,
  • We have a team and customer service record that is second to none, and
  • We offer simple pricing that is flexible enough for any budget. We welcome the opportunity to custom frame a deal structure that fits your needs.

Independent measurement is the most important weapon when buying media, and having a toolset that has fidelity to signal is the difference maker for those who are eager to win.

I invite you to take a look and Make the Move.