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EOY 2023 Kochava Product & Partnership Updates Bulletin

By January 10, 2024Product Updates 16 Min Read

New Account Usage dashboard, Google Ads SKAN integration updates, TikTok migration, and more

Happy New Year from Kochava, and welcome to 2024! This year is shaping up to be pivotal for AdTech. Be sure to check out Kochava’s Predictions for Top Tech Trends in 2024 and app developer predictions from our CTO, Ethan Lewis, in App Developer Magazine.

Let’s take a quick look back at notable product and partnership updates that rounded out 2023 here at Kochava. Key highlights include:

  • New Account Usage dashboard
  • Google Ads SKAN integration updates
  • TikTok SAN migration updates
  • Snapchat updates
  • New and updated partner integrations

New Account Usage Dashboard

An Account Usage dashboard is now available in the Kochava platform. It can be found under the Account Options interface by selecting Account Usage from the left-hand navigation menu.

Kochava account usage dashboard

This dashboard provides our clients with quick access to billing-related metrics, so they can understand account usage trends for a given time period. Available metrics include:

  • Monthly Active Devices
  • Total Matched Installs
    • Matched Installs
    • Self-Attributing Network (SAN) Claims
    • SKAdNetwork Conversions
  • Reengagements
  • Impressions
  • Clicks

For more information on this new dashboard and available metrics, please consult this support document.

Google Ads SKAN Integration Updates

Our integrations team is actively finishing updates to our Google Ads SKAdNetwork (SKAN) integration that will

  • Migrate Google Ads SKAN data ingestion to use the v15 API, which supports SKAN 4.0 conversion data.
  • Pass SKAN conversion model mapping to Google Ads the first time a user adds their credentials to facilitate improved Google Ads SKAN reporting in Kochava.
  • Send an updated SKAN conversion model mapping to Google Ads whenever a user updates their conversion model configuration within Kochava.

Once these integration updates are completed later in January, Kochava will facilitate a one-time push to pass all existing conversion model mappings to Google Ads for any advertisers that previously entered their credentials to facilitate Google Ads SKAN reporting.

For additional questions, please contact your client success manager or email

TikTok SAN Migration

Per this prior post related to the migration of TikTok for Business Ads to a self-attributing network integration model, TikTok is targeting March 20, 2024, to have all apps cut over to the new integration. TikTok account representatives are actively reaching out to encourage clients to make the transition. If you have not yet contacted Kochava to have us run the automated script that programmatically migrates your account, please reach out to your client success manager or email

Snapchat Reengagement Attribution and VTA Reporting Restrictions

If you’re running reengagement campaigns with Snapchat and would like to see increased performance for iOS, Kochava supports attribution using the campaign details included in the _Deeplink event metadata. Please reference this support doc, which outlines the required steps.
If you’re uncertain about the _Deeplink event implementation for any of your apps and whether you’re set up to benefit from this update, connect with your client success manager or email

Separately, Snapchat view-through attribution (VTA) reporting restriction began as of January 8, 2024. See our prior post on this subject for more details.

New Partners and Updated Integrations

Here is a list of new partners that recently completed a first-time integration with Kochava, followed by existing partners that made updates to their integrations.

New Partner Integrations

  • ADacts
  • Adfill
  • Adstarling
  • adstreet digital
  • Adtrio
  • Advermatic
  • Adwizard Media
  • AmNetworkads
  • apeironads
  • Appalley Private Limited
  • Backgardon
  • Bidshade Media
  • BighkMedia
  • CloudCampaigns
  • Datazop
  • Digital ShoutOuts Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Fuksiarz
  • Gingko
  • GlobalMobile Ads
  • Hunginstall
  • Innovia
  • JioCoupons (Jio Platforms Limited)
  • Kavanga FZC LLC
  • lnr_aff
  • Mingle Ads
  • Nextag
  • Phyads Media
  • qlmobi
  • REPLUG Agency
  • S3G6
  • Skai Ads Apple Search Ads
  • Smart Earning Affiliate
  • Sony Playstation
  • Tat-Adz
  • Topsmobi
  • Vinmedia

Updated Partner Integrations

  • adjoe
  • adMarketplace
  • Adquant Apple Search Ads
  • ADSCHOLARS Marketing Management
  • Amazon Ads
  • Amplitude
  • Apcanopus
  • Appier
  • Avow
  • Bonjour Techies
  • CLO
  • Cognitiv
  • CY
  • DEPP
  • Discipline Digital
  • EZmob
  • Flashtalking
  • Google Ads (XNA)
  • InMobi
  • Joinship
  • LiveTop Media
  • Livingnet Media
  • MAAS
  • Maddict
  • Maddict
  • Memob+
  • MobYoung
  • NMRDigital
  • NMRDigital
  • Playwire
  • Roku OneView
  • by Mobile Action
  • Spectrum Digital
  • StackAdapt
  • tvScientific
  • Vytomi Media
  • Yahoo – Gemini
  • Yahoo!
  • Yelohi

If you’re an ad network, publisher, DSP, or other partner looking to integrate with Kochava, please contact
For a list of all integrated networks and publishers, click here.


If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact your client success manager or email Always stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter.