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Kochava Cyber Monday best practices to tune your holiday campaigns

Q4 is in full swing and holiday campaigns are ramping up. However, in spite of the massive increase in spend during this season, most marketers are ignoring some of the most basic ways to increase revenue without increasing spend.

Below are 5 simple tasks that require ZERO coding and have a significant impact on the ROI of your holiday campaigns.

1. Stop fraud in its tracks

Increased marketing budgets mean fraudsters will be out in force and high traffic volumes make it easy to miss data anomalies that indicate fraud. Kochava fraud detection tools look across your entire dataset to pinpoint problems at the site level.


2. Make sure you’re reaching the right audience

Ad ops teams are under the gun to manage and troubleshoot countless campaigns over the holiday season. Traffic Verifier adds a gate to your campaign traffic so as to ensure that every install meets your targeting criteria. Learn more

3. Check your lookback windows

As the Holiday Season is ushered in, so are higher media prices. Managing the lookback windows on your campaigns is never more important than during time-sensitive seasons of costly UA. Setting your lookback windows too long could have you paying a premium for users, even after the prime window has passed. Learn how to tune your lookback windows

4. Track & attribute your owned campaigns

get-the-app-v1Track your email, social, SMS and mobile web campaigns using SmartLinks to measure your owned campaigns.

5. Track boost from social influencers

Celebrities and social influencers can lend you their credibility and audience but without the right measurement, ROI is impossible to determine.  Kochava provides an elegant solution to this complex problem. Learn more about measuring social influencers