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Last week at the 2017 Kochava Mobile Summit, Kochava pulled the covers off a host of new features that comprise the first Unified Audience Platform (UAP). The platform is a comprehensive and configurable suite of tools that gives marketers everything they need to plan, target, activate, measure and optimize their audience and user acquisition activities, all through a single lightweight SDK.

Unified Audience Platform universe

It is the first unified toolset available to marketers in the app industry that eliminates the inefficiencies, stability concerns and complexity of employing disparate companies and multiple SDKs for the various tools necessary to execute and manage campaigns, including precise analysis of ad spend and engagement. Kochava brings the right tools into one dashboard with a single SDK.

  • Plan using the Media Guide, where marketers can vet networks with the badging system. Filter the list to find networks that fit your traffic needs, or search for networks by name. Compare network capabilities and performance at a glance based on their badge level within the Media Guide.
  • Target with Traffic Verifier, and Free App Analytics® (FAA). Traffic Verifier lets marketers confirm that their desired traffic criteria are met. New developers or smaller scale marketers can get started with the UAP in FAA.
  • Measure with True LTV and Analytics. Get comprehensive revenue data from in-app ad views, subscription fees and purchases. The new Web SDK fills out your omnichannel view, tracking clicks across platforms and devices. Get row-level, cross-app ROI plus in-app activity in one location.
  • Activate using Alerting. Setup custom thresholds and proactive triggers to get notified of campaign anomalies or under-performing metrics so you can take action in real time during a campaign, or learn when certain KPIs are met.
  • Optimize using Kochava Intelligence and the What if? tool. Use What if? to rerun historical data to observe the outcome of campaign changes in an experimental environment.

Kochava is much more than a measurement and attribution company—we’re your Unified Audience Platform—a real-time, data syndication provider with all the right tools to be the only SDK you need. Contact your account manager for more information, or request a demo to learn more.